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Modified racing is one of the oldest types of racing in the US, dating back to the days of the post-World War II coupes. Modified racing began as race drivers modified their cars to gain a competitive advantage over their fellow competitors. What started out as minor modifications to the cars has now grown to the point that some modified classes are no longer based on any current production vehicles. NASCAR was instrumental in modified racing's beginnings. Some of NASCAR's pioneers were veteran modified racers long before NASCAR's inception in 1949.

Evergreen Speedway in Monroe Sunday – May 29th

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Evergreen Speedway in Monroe this Sunday, May 29th, 2016

Gate Opens at 4:00 pm – Racing begins at 6:00 pm

Gate Fees:  Adults $20.00 / Seniors $15.00 / Youth 6 – 15 $10.00 / Military is FREE

Pits open at 1:00 pm – $40.00 per person

Classes Participating: Vintage Modifieds / Truck Demo / Super Stock Figure 8 / Stinger 8 / Hornets / V8 Extremes / Legends / Bus Races and then a grand finally of Fireworks

Please review Evergreen Speedway rules, to access the rules CLICK HERE.

However, Note the following from the rules:  Any persons in pits working on or being near a race car are to wear long pants. No open toed shoes.  And No barbecues or open flame containers for cooking.  No Glass containers.

Evergreen Speedway – 14405 179th Ave E – Monroe, WA

For more information about Evergreen Speedway CLICK HERE.

Second Main Event Win for Devin Eierman and the 6-Team

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First Vintage Modified would like to say “Thank You Timberline Truss” for sponsoring the Spokane Super Oval race. Your generous $500.00 contribution to the Vintage Teams was greatly appreciated.  Timberline Truss offers quality products and superior service.  Serving Eastern Washington and North Idaho and are located at 25414 E. Rowan in Newman Lake, WA.  For more information about Timberline Truss contact their manager, Roy McDonald at 509/226-0100 or toll free at 1-866/338-4300 or fax at 509/226-0197

What a wild night at Spokane Super Oval!  The Heat race was not divided into A and B, it was ran with all Vintage cars on the track at once.  The rain added to the havoc. Between the rain and the crash involving the 04, 88 and 30 cars the Heat race was cancelled.  Unfortunately, the rain caused a huge delay for the Vintage 25-lap Main Event.  Fortunately, the rain delay gave the 04, 88 and 30 teams time to make necessary repairs to their cars in time to race in the Main Event. Vintage Modifieds were originally scheduled to race the first Main Event, but due to the rain and the Super Late Models 125-lap Main Event, they raced their Main last.  Which was a blessing to all the teams, the track was dried-off.

Congratulations to Devin Eierman, in the 6-car, for his second Main Event win, a fantastic start to the 2016 Season.  As the cars hit the track for the Main Event, Devin was trying to maneuver around the 26-car Johnny ‘Lightning’ Mustered, 59-car ‘Wild Man’ Dawn Huntley and 7-car ‘Jeckyll & Hyde’ Mike Clother drivers.  Once Devin passed Lightning and Wild Man the race was on to get around Jeckyll & Hyde.  Once that happened, Devin was gone and took the checkered flag.  Devin was the record holder last year at Spokane Super Oval with a time-in of 20.410. And he still holds that record!

Pictured with Devin, from the left is his crew chief, Vince Hose, Vince’s dad Bill Hose, Devin and his dad Robert Eierman.

6 car tophy pic  SSS 6 track  
6 car trophy pic2  6Devin2

Thank you to Devin’s #1 Sponsor is Mom and too Transmission Sales & Service


It was also an exciting night for Vern Huson and the 77-team, taking home the Trophy Dash trophy.  It was a great race and Vern took the checkered flag.  Congrats Vern!

77 trophy dash  77 car

The next race will be on Sunday, May 29th at Evergreen Speedway in Monroe.  Sean Peters Truck Demo Derby and Fireworks presented by Quality Sleep Mattress.  The show will involve: Truck Demo, Super Stock Figure 8, Stinger 8, Hornets V8, Vintage Modifieds, Legends, Bus Races and Fireworks.  Grandstands open at 4:00 pm and racing begins at 6:00 pm.  Adults $20.00/Seniors $15.00/Youth 6-15 $10.00/Military Free (show ID)

Devin Eierman – 6 Car – Winner of the First Race of the 2016 Season

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What a night of racing.  Devin Eierman in the 6-car started out leading the 35-lap Main Event.  After the 3rd re-start, racing began.  Bobby Wheeler, Jr in the 22-car got tangled up with Devin and they both had to re-start in the back.  Robert Rux in the 88-car then took the lead.  After three cautions Robert still had the lead.  Robert lead the next 27-laps, with Devin hot on his tail.  When the white flag waved the last lap was a tight one.  Just as the checkered flag dropped Devin inched past Robert and won the race by 4-inches.  Wow!  What an ending for the first race of the season.

Congratulations too Devin Eierman in the 6-car and to his team for this exciting start of the 2016 season.  A trophy well earned.

6Devin3  6Devin4  6Devin5  6Devin

Devin was very humble as the announcer interviewed him before he took his picture with the lovely trophy girl.  Devin first thanked Robert Run for running such a clean race.  Spoke words of excitement, thanked his sponsors and then happily held his trophy.  The first trophy of the season, and one of many more to come.  Well done Devin!

Thank you too Devin’s sponsors:  #1 Sponsor is Mom, Transmission Sales & Service

Johnny ‘Lightning’ Mustered in the 26 car won the A-Heat race and Dawn ‘Wild Man’ Huntley in the 59 car won the B-Heat.  A great night for the drivers and a great way to being the 2016 season.

DSCF1059  59DHuntley

Here is a fantastic re-cap of the B-Heat, A-Heat and Main Event.  Enjoy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QyKN_H5dmDo

Here are some interesting facts, go to South Sound Speedway click here and see your qualifying averages.  When you get to the page, scroll down.  Then you can change the dates and see the results for each race.


First Race of the 2016 Season – South Sound Speedway

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A very SPECIAL THANK YOU to the club sponsors, we appreciate your dedicated support:
Bath Fitter – Jeremy Nichols at  253/278-2047
Big Mountail Mail at bigmountainmail.com
Bowtie Performance at 253/862-4159
Charles Schwab at 253/274-9996
Delta Camshaft at 253/383-4152
Devin Design
Evergreen Speedway at evergreenspeedway.com
Ike’s Auto Repair at 360/870-5146
Jim Jones Trucking
Pizza Time of Puyallup at 253/841-9515
Quality Carriers at work4qc.com
Spokane County Raceway at spokanecountyraceway.com
Stream-Line Auto body at 253/376-1917
Timberline Truss at 866/338-4300
Wenatchee Valley Super Oval at WVSO.COM
2BROS at 360/449-2787

 Time to get excited about racing.  To watch past videos of Vintage Modifieds CLICK HERE

Tires Have Arrived

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The Hoosier recapped 10” slicks Tires have arrived.  The scheduled pick-up day was a success.  Great weather, no rain, we really lucked out with the warm and sunny day. A great turn-out.

Thank you Ken Jackson for mounting tires for the Vintage teams.   Thank you Puyallyp Pizza Time for sponsoring the food for the afternoon. The Pizza’s were a great addition to a busy and fun day.  Thank you Helen Rose for taking care of the posters and poster signing.  Thank you Leonard Schmidt for bringing the posters to the event.   Thank you John Mustered for measuring tires and lending a hand to Ken with tire mounting.  Thank you Mike Clother for providing a case of water.

Thank you too everyone who made the day a great success.  The pictures below are of the very busy Saturday afternoon of picking up tires, visiting, eating and just enjoying each others company.

Welcome too Adam Bragdon, our 2016 Rookie in the 28 car.

Just a reminder that Nu-Tread tires can only be ran at the first two races of the 2016 season; April 30th at South Sound Speedway and May 14th at Spokane County Raceway.  After that teams will only be allowed to run the Hoosier recapped 10″ slicks.

Total Tires 2

Lightning Dave

Total Tires 3  Total Tires  Lightning and Shane  Lightning measure tires       Helen  Devin John Shane  Pizza Time Robert Devin  Shane and dad 2  Dave  Robert Barb Dave  Barb and Robert  Aaron pic  Group pic 2  Group pic  Ken John  Ken Tire w_Robert  Mike Robert  Pizza Time 3  Pizza Time 4  Poster signing 3  Road pic 4  Road pic 5  Road Pic 6  Road pic 7  Road pic 10  Road pics 2  Road pics 3  Road pics    Robert Danielle  Shane and dad 2       Shannon Tires 2  Singing Posters 2     Street pic 2   street pic 5  Street pic 6  Street pic 8  Street pic 9    Ken Tires
Street pic 10  street Pic