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Modified racing is one of the oldest types of racing in the US, dating back to the days of the post-World War II coupes. Modified racing began as race drivers modified their cars to gain a competitive advantage over their fellow competitors. What started out as minor modifications to the cars has now grown to the point that some modified classes are no longer based on any current production vehicles. NASCAR was instrumental in modified racing's beginnings. Some of NASCAR's pioneers were veteran modified racers long before NASCAR's inception in 1949.

4th Place goes to Vern Huson #77

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Vern Huson, #77, took home the 4th place trophy for the 2018 racing season. Vern is a very dedicated driver, coming from Wenatchee, a true racing traveler.  Vern ended his season with a total of 423-points.


Vern started racing at Spanaway Speedway at the age of 14-years old; however, he told the track officials he was older. Not to give away Vern’s age, but that was over 50-years ago. Vern joined VMRA 3-years ago and had not missed a race until some bad luck kept his car at home a couple races through the season. Vern has definitely put the ‘Vintage’ in Vintage Modifieds.  Congratulations Vern, another fun year under your wheels.

Thank you to the #77’s team sponsor:  Johnson Electric – Wenatchee, WA

2018 5th Place – Jim Jones #03

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Jim Jones in the #03 car took 5th place in 2018 racing season. Jim has been racing with Vintage Modifieds for 15-years. He has several Vintage Modifieds season first place wins over the years.  Jim has been racing since 1997 with the Sky Valley Modifieds.  A few of his favorite tracks are Evergreen Speedway in Monroe, Spokane Valley Raceway in Spokane and Yakima Speedway in Yakima.

Jim ended his 2018 racing season with a total of 420-points.




A very special thank you to Jim’s sponsors: Jim Jones Trucking and Bergs Custom Cylinder Heads

Kyten Jones 6th Place and Most Improved Driver of the Year

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Kyten Jones in the #30-car came in 6th place, ending his season with a total of 413-points. Kyten has been around VMRA for a few years. Kyten is our youngest racer and is learning quickly.  After the first race of the season he was 9th in points. Then after three races he was pulling up to 7th place. As Kyten had a series of good time trials and top 3-main event finishes that took him into the 3rd place position by the sixth race.  Unfortunately, he missed the last 3-racing events and fell back to 6th place.  Watch out for Kyten going into 2019 racing season, he was voted in by his peers as the ‘The Most Improved Driver’.  Congratulations to Kyten Jones and the #30-team.

Kyten photoed with Mike Clother and next to them is another future VMRA driver young Kamden Jones

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Thank you to Kyten’s 2018 sponsors:
Benchmark Barrels – www.benchmark-barrels.com – Arlington, WA
Berg’s Custom Cylinder Heads – Arlington, WA
Jay’s Automotive – Everett, WA
Dillon Trucking – Arlington, WA

#51 Dave Trapp – 7th Place

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Dave Trapp in the 51-car took 7th place, ending his season with a total of 351-points.


In 1986 Dave was a founding member of VMRA and hasn’t missed many races in the past 32-seasons. Dave has won multiple championships and he has always been a fun guy to be around. One night at Spanaway Speedway, when our cars were lined-up in the pits waiting for the Main Event, one of the drivers got into his car to get fastened in and ready to race; but, his steering wheel was missing. As he looked around and up the line of cars, there was Dave laughing as he was walking with the steering wheel held over his head.  Congratulations Dave for another fun season.


Special thank you to Barbara Trapp, Todd McCartney and Streamline Auto Body.

Ken Jackson’s Ford F-350 has been Found

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Greetings Everyone,

Ken’s pick-up truck was found. The police had it towed to impound. Unfortunately, his generator and air compressor is gone. His pick-up truck was totally stripped. The horrid people that did this to Ken used his truck for parts. For whatever reason, who knows. Ken will have to pay the impound fees to get what’s left of his pick-up truck. When I hear more I will update everyone.

Thank you everyone who has been a part of finding Ken’s pick-up truck. He is a good man. Fighting cancer. The go-to-man for all of our racing club; as well as, the tracks we race at. This is such a huge hit for Ken. But thank-you one and all.



Hey everyone, Our good friend Ken Jackson’s (aka: Mountain Man) 2000 Ford F-350 extended cab diesel pickup was stolen from his apartment at 1107 A St. Auburn, WA on October 24th. In the bed of his pickup was his big air compressor and an 8200 watt generator.  His Ford is Teal green with custom wheels. Vintage Modified stickers on left rear window with 88 Robert Rux sticker too.

Ken uses his pickup to tow his trailer to every race. His big air compressor and 8200 watt generator are part of his equipment for using his tire machine. Ken not only mounts tires for our racing club, but he is the go to guy all around the pits for many classes/teams.

Please help me get the word out for Ken and hope the evil people that stole his truck and equipment get caught. His truck is covered by insurance, however, not his compressor or generator. This is a huge loss for Ken. He cannot afford to replace his equipment.


Please share this information in hopes of someone seeing his pickup and call the police.