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Modified racing is one of the oldest types of racing in the US, dating back to the days of the post-World War II coupes. Modified racing began as race drivers modified their cars to gain a competitive advantage over their fellow competitors. What started out as minor modifications to the cars has now grown to the point that some modified classes are no longer based on any current production vehicles. NASCAR was instrumental in modified racing's beginnings. Some of NASCAR's pioneers were veteran modified racers long before NASCAR's inception in 1949.

Bobby Wheeler, Jr takes home another Main Event Trophy from Evergreen Speedway in Monroe on Saturday June 20th

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Yes it is true, Bobby Wheeler, Jr. (driving the 22-car) takes home another Main Event Trophy from Evergreen Speedway in Monroe on Saturday June 20th.  He also came in 3rd place during the Heat Race.  Robert Rux had the microphone and was announcing that Bobby has actually won all of the 2015 Main Events.

Bobby Trophy  Bobby Robert

Kyten Jones in the 30-car came in 3rd place during the Main Event; however, he took 1st place in the Heat race.  Welcome back Kyten, you have been missed.

Robert Rux in the 88-car took 2nd place for both the Main Event and the Heat race.

All in all, it was a good night of racing for all the teams.  Great fan base and fantastic weather.

Robert trophy2   Kyten trophy

Thank you to the following sponsors:
Streamline Auto Body, Hondos Heads – 253/329-6928, King’s Transmission and Fife Signs they sponsor the 22-team.

STICKERBOYZZZ Discount Lettering – stickerboyzzz@comcast.net
Visual Options – Tacoma – 253/472-1440 (tinted windshields ask for Jon)
NAPA Centerline Machine Shop, Puyallup – 253/848-3525
Puyallup Pizza Time – 253/841-9515
Hondos Heads – 253/329-6928
Micki Rux, wife and financial backer
They sponsor the 88-team.

Benchmark Barrels – www.benchmark-barrels.com – Arlington, WA
Berg’s Custom Cylinder Heads – Arlington, WA
Jay’s Automotive – Everett, WA
Dillon Trucking – Arlington, WA
They sponsor the 30-team.

The next race will be at Yakima Speedway in July 18th.
The line-up will be as follows: Vintage Modifides, Late Model, West Coast Street Stocks Shoot-out 100 Laps, Bump to Pass and Hornets.
For more information about the Yakima Speedway click here.

South Sound Speedway, June 6th. Memorial Lap for Cheryl Jones led by Jim and Kyten Jones.

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This post comes with a great sadness, in Loving Memory of Cheryl Denise Jones, the Memorial Lap was led by Jim Jones in the 26 car and Kyten Jones in the 30 car.  It is never easy to write a post about a Memorial Lap, but usually they were about men who passed away at an elder age and raced for many years. Not about a lovely young women who passed away at the young age of 44.

Cheryl was one of those racing wives who gave 100% to support her husband Jim and son Kyten in racing.  Cheryl was the front runner for the huge BBQs after an evening of racing and always included everyone to join in the big spread of food.  I, for one, will miss Cheryl who was an amazing women and friend.

Thank you to all the racing teams who participated in the Memorial lap. Too the families and friends who came out to support the Jones family during the Memorial Lap.

Kyten_Cheryl_5  Kyten_Cheryl_2

Memorial lap 4 Memorial Lap Memorial lap 2 Memorial lap 3

Bobby Wheeler, Jr in the 22 car took home another Main Event Trophy.

The next race will be at Evergreen Speedway in Monroe on June 20th.

The line-up will be: Vintage Modifieds, FSCRA Pro 4, SS F8, Hornets, and Stinger 8

Tickets are $10.00 for everyone 11 years and older.  Ten and under are free.

Weekend weather at Monroe click here.

Evergreen Speedway information click here.

Here is the information in regards to the Vintage Modified fundraiser for the Jones family.  These are quotes from Shari Ball and the pictures taken at Evergreen Speedway when Jim was presented with the check and Kyten led the Memorial Lap.

Jim fundraiser check Memorial lap 5

From Shari Ball,

“I am so happy to say that we were able to raise over $2600 for the Jones Family. And a HUGE Congrats to George Regier!!!! (winner of the Vintage Modified)

I would like to personally thank Steve and Rhonda Lundquist for asking “What can we all do” and getting this ball rolling!! Mike Clother, Bill Brewer and Micki Rux with the VMRA for ALL the participation on your side…. Thank-you is not nearly enough…

We are family! Racing in any form is indeed a family. When one of us hurts we all do. This is when we just step in and help our brother’s and sister’s. Mutual love and respect is what it is.

To the Jones’ Family….. our hearts are with you…..”

The Forth Race of the 2015 Racing Season will be at South Sound Speedway

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We are well on our way into the 2015 racing season.  Thank you to all of the racing families that dedicate their weekends in support of their teams.  Thank you to the sponsors who diligently provide funding.  And thank you to the fans who keep coming back to the stands and cheer on their favorite cars.

There will be a Memorial Lap in remembrance of Cheryl Denise Jones who passed away on Thursday, May 21st, 2015.  Cheryl left us peacefully at the age of 44 while at the University of Washington Hospital.  Cheryl’s family was by her side.  Cheryl fought hard for 5-months against the genetic Alpha One Antitrypsin Deficiency, while waiting for a liver transplant. 

So please bring out your cars, even if will be just for the Memorial Lap.  Vintage Modified Racing Association families send their condolences to the Jones family and are truly sorry for your loss.  Cheryl was loved by many and will most certainly be missed by many.

Vintage Modified
Mini Stocks
Hobby Stocks
Stinger 8
Super 4

Adults  –  $12.00
Teens 13-17 / Seniors 62+ / Active Military  –  $10.00
Children 6 – 12  –  $5.00
Children 5 and under are FREE

The public ticket window opens at 4:45 pm.   South Sound Speedway accepts cash or checks only, sorry no credit cards.   All pit passes will be sold at the pit entry gate at 1:00 pm.  Racing beings at 6:30.

For more information about South Sound Speedway Click HERE.

For information about the Weather for Saturday Click HERE.

For information about Lodging Click HERE.

A Celebration of Life for Cheryl Denise Jones

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A Celebration of Life will be held for Cheryl Denise Jones at her family home located at 21301 SR 530 NE Arlington, WA 98223 on May 30th, 2015 at 1:00 PM. Anyone who knew her and would like to come is welcome.

Cheryl_k_Jim   Cheryl_Jim_K  Kyten_Cheryl_6  Kyten_Cheryl_5

Cheryl was born on December 7th, 1970 at 7:42 AM in Port Angeles, WA to William and Robin Schostak. Ten years later she was joined by her sister, Kimberly Schostak.

She was a very special woman who loved and supported her husband Jim, son Kyten, and daughters Chalaine (Laney) and Makiah each and every day. Cheryl and Jim were married on April 28th, 1990 at the Assembly of God Church in Forks, WA.

Cheryl left us peacefully at the age of 44 while at the University of Washington Hospital on Thursday May 21st, 2015 with her family by her side. Cheryl fought hard for 5 months against the genetic Alpha One Antitrypsin Deficiency, while waiting for a liver transplant.

Cheryl was well known for her many talents; some of which included, taking excellent care of her family, gardening, cooking, and canning. One of her favorite holiday traditions was making homemade Christmas baskets that were gifted to many family and friends. She also valued the extensive amount of time she spent volunteering at her children’s schools. Cheryl cherished the time she spent watching and supporting her husband and son in many years at the race track.

The family would like to give a heartfelt thank you to everyone who supported the GoFundMe account. Cheryl enjoyed reading the names and comments of everyone who donated in honor of her. The family would also like to thank fellow racers, who donated their race winnings and are raffling a vintage modified racecar to support Cheryl and her family in return for the many years of her devotion towards the whole club. An additional fundraiser is being held in her home town of Forks which will include a spaghetti dinner and a silent auction.

Kyten_Cheryl_4  Kyten_Cheryl_3  Kyten_Cheryl_2  Kyten_Cheryl_1

30 team trophy    03 WVS) 6_12_09  Monroe Jones 2011  30 Jones trophy dash 3 laney    cheryl black white  Copy of PA Jim Jones Family

Cheryl Denise Jones will be missed by many.  Cheryl was loved, respected and held with such a high regard. A wonderful friend to have.  To be friends with Cheryl was as precious of a friendship that you were lucky to have, a friendship that will not be replaced.  We love you Cheryl.


Another trophy for Bobby Wheeler, Jr in the 22-car – That makes THREE already for the 2015 Racing Season.

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 UPDATE: Thank you racing friends, families and 88 sponsor for purchasing fundraiser tickets at South Sound Speedway Saturday May 16th.  A total of $485.00 in tickets were sold.  Tickets are still available until June 5th.

It was a chilly night Saturday, at South Sound Speedway, but the faithful families, friends, fans and sponsors watch as Devin Eierman in the 6-car won the Heat Race and Bobby Wheeler, Jr in the 22-car won the Main Event.

Bobby Wheeler, Jr started in the back and dominated his way to the front, taking the checkered flag at the 35th lap.

VMRA donated a T-Shirt wrapped around the schedule/poster to be given away when SSS was calling out names of children who won the Little Fan’s drawing.  The winner of the shirt also was given the opportunity to have his or her photo with the winner of the main event.  Well young Joey won the shirt.  He is pictured below with Bobby and the trophy girl.  When the photo shoot was finished, Bobby handed little Joey his Main Event Trophy. One thing I can say about the teams with Vintage Modified, they love their fans.  Joey, thank you for cheering on the Vintage Modifieds.

22 trophy  22 joey trophy    trophy joey    22 joey trophy

Congratulations Bobby and Joey for both of your wins on Saturday night.  Thank you too Bobby’s sponsors:  Streamline Auto Body 253/376-1917, Hondos Heads 253/329-6928, King’s Transmission and Fife Signs.

Congratulations to Devin Eierman in the 6-car winning the Heat Race.  Devin was in hot pursuit of the trophy in the Main Event.

Thank you to Devin’s sponsors:  #1 Sponsor is Mom, Rears & Gears, Image Auto Body, Red Line Oil and Coinforce.com

Devin and Mom  Mrs. Eireman the #1 sponsor!

As always we’d like to acknowledge our VMRA sponsors:  Jim Jones Trucking, Evergreen Speedway –  www.EvergreenSpeedway.com, Race Car Supply 360/858-1464, Bowtie Performance 253/862-4159, Nu-Tread Tires 253/572-9063, Ike’s Auto Repair 360/870-5146, Delta Camshaft 253/383-4152, STREAM-LINE Auto Body 253/376-1917 and Big Mountain Web Designwww.BigMountainDesign.com.

The next race will be at South Sound Speedway on June 6th.  Vintage Modified T-Shirts are going quick. There is still time to order yours. Contact anyone under the “Contact” page of the website for your shirt today.