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Modified racing is one of the oldest types of racing in the US, dating back to the days of the post-World War II coupes. Modified racing began as race drivers modified their cars to gain a competitive advantage over their fellow competitors. What started out as minor modifications to the cars has now grown to the point that some modified classes are no longer based on any current production vehicles. NASCAR was instrumental in modified racing's beginnings. Some of NASCAR's pioneers were veteran modified racers long before NASCAR's inception in 1949.

Attention Race Fans – Our First Race of the Season – April 1st at Tri Cities

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The first race of the season will be on April 1, 2023, at the Tri Cities Raceway 47615 E SR 224 Benton City, WA 99353

54th Running – Apple Cup Presented by Bonney’s Branson Tractors

 Practice will be on March 31st.


2023 Membership Teams

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Vintage Modified Racing Association is getting ready to kick off the 2023 Racing Season.  Introducing the 2023 and returning Members.

Dave Trapp nicknamed ‘Cheater Dave’ #51 is a founding member of Vintage Modified.  Racing in his 1935 Dodge, built by Eric McClain.  Crew Chief Todd McCartney and pit crew the one and only, amazing women Barbara Trapp.

Thank you to his sponsor Streamline Auto Body.  And a very special thank you to Barbara Trapp.

Jason Quatsoe #8, began racing with VMRA in 2021. Jason drives a 1948 Ford with a 355 engine. Car owner is his amazing wife, Stacie.   

Thank you to Jason’s sponsors:  Valle Electric, Transcon and Skagit Diesel & Marine.  

Kyten Jones #30 began racing with VMRA in 2012, he is a second-generation racer with VMRA.  His car is a 1946 Mercury with a 350 Chevy engine. Crew chief Jim Jones and pit crew team is Kamden and Keith.

Thank you to Kyten’s sponsors: Benchmark Barrels

Shane Strimple # 57 began racing with VMRA in 2021. Car owner of his 1941 Plymouth is Stephanie, Shane’s wonderful wife. His crew chief is Blake Savinski. Blake is part of three team pit crew, including Aaron and David.

Thank you to Shane’s sponsors:  Aarons Olympic 4×4 and Switch Electric

Robert Rux #88 drives a 1936 Chevy Sedan.  His car is built by himself with Rick Villyard.  He shares ownership with his Wife, Micki.  Micki is his crew chief. Pit crew includes Helen, Les and loving memory of Ken Jackson.

SPECIAL THANKS TO: Jeremy Nichols, Devin Eierman, Rick Villyard, and Vince Hose for all your help building my car. And thank you to my wife Micki for all of your continued support and Helen Rose.  Thank you, Les Yeager, for all of our years racing together.

Mike Clother nicknamed ‘Jeckyll & Hyde’ #7 has been racing since 1981 with Demo Derby/Hobby Stock.  Racing in a 1948 Buick. His awesome wife, Jacque is the car owner.  Mike came to Vintage Modified in 1994. He is crew chief and pit crew, a one-man-show.

Thank you to Mikes sponsors:  Rinkel Racing Kevin and Scott. A very special thank you to Mikes awesome wife, Jacque for her continued support and patients.

Mitch Woods #37 began racing in 2004 with Pure Stock.  He came to VMRA in 2021. Mitch is the owner of his 1940 Chevy Coupe.  Pit crew includes Andrew, Riley and family members.  

Mitch’s favorite track is Hermiston. Thank you to all family members for continued support.

Ed Beck #15 came to VMRA in 2019.  He began racing in 1990 with Thunder cars.  He currently races in a 1967 Mustang with a 350 engine. Ed and Becky co-own his car.


Special thanks to Kyle & Opal Trussell and his very sweet wife Becky.

Rick Villyard # 2, began racing with Vintage Modifieds in 2017, but his first racing experience began in 1999 with Street Stocks. He enjoys racing on all tracks. Rick runs a 1947 Ford.  Car owner, the amazing Tina Villyard.  Like Mike Clother, Rick is crew chief and pit crew, a one-man-show.


Thank you to his sponsor Archer Construction INC.   

Kahl Cheth #23 started racing in 2013 with the Hornets class. Started racing with Vintage Modified in 2021. His 1956 Chevy Belair was built by John Woods and Buds Machine shop.

Thank you to Kahl’s pit crew team, Woods Racing, Mitch, Andrew, Riley, Jeremy and Jessie.  A special thank you to his sponsors First Day Electric, Classic Interiors, Buds Machine, Underrated Co, John Woods and Steve Woods.

Devin Eierman #6 has a Six-time Season championship in his 1938 Chevy Coupe. Crew Chief Vince Hose. 

Special thank you to MariAnne his wonderful wife and best supporter. 

Stay tuned as more information comes available. As new members join and driver bios updated this page will grow with more wonderful teams and their families, friends, pit crews and sponsors.


Tires and Memories from the Past

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The topic of tires is a never-ending story.  So, I thought I’d share some photos of our first retrieval of tires.  Our good friend Mountain Man Ken Jackson brought his tire machine in case someone wanted to mount their tires before they left.  So many turned out for this big event. Pizza Time sponsored our food. We set chairs up on the street because it was going to be a long day.  A table was set up with posters so the drivers could sign their name on their car, that way when we handed them out at the tracks it would be more personal to our fans. We had a great time, and it was a great turn out. Tires!


2022 Trophy Presentations and Celebrations

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Steve Woods #22 takes home his second Championship, two years in a row.  What a fantastic year for Steve and his team. Steve and Beca were unable to attend the season end banquet so his parents, John and Lamora, accepted his first-place trophy for 2022.

All fun set aside; Steve Woods had a great 2022 season. Started in the back of the line-up many times and put his awesome driving skills to good use and took home many 1st place trophies.  Congratulations Steve and team for another excellent racing season.


Vince Conwell #82 also won two trophies this year, second place and for Sportsmanship. It was so appreciated that Vince, and his amazing wife Deanna, drove 2000 miles round trip to pick up and deliver tires that were needed for the 2022 season. Vince always has the right hand of fellowship out for his peers. That wonderful Sportsmanship trophy was made by Rick Villyard. 


Jason Quatsoe #8 had a great season, coming in 3rd place and taking home the Best Appearing Car Trophy for 2022.  One of his peers said, “He did a great job rebuilding the old gal.” His car is always clean and looking sharp. Jason began racing in 2002 with the Sky Valley Stock w/WWRA.  Began racing with VMRA in 2021.



Shane Strimple #57 came in 4th place, as-well-as, receiving the Most Improved Driver Award for 2022, voted by his peers.  It was said that “After only two seasons he drives like a veteran.” Shane began racing with VMRA in 2021. He has awesome support from his wife Stephanie.  


Kahl Cheth #23 had a great year and has 5th place for season 2022.  Kahl began racing in 2013 with the Hornets, he began racing with VMRA in 2021.  His car was built by John Woods, John is also his crew chief. 

Micki Rux has been a volunteer for VMRA since 2005. She has been a devoted board member all but three years since then.  She was voted in as Most Inspirational, Non-Driver.  Her peers commented that, “She keeps our clubs’ best interests at heart and cooks great food”

Mike Clother #7 began racing with Vintage Modified in 1995. He’s been on the board most of that time, wearing a couple different hats; Treasurer, Vice President and President. Thank you, Mike, for your several years volunteering at VMRA.  He has several championships throughout his racing time with VMRA. This year he came in 6th place.

Kyten Jones #30 grew up in a racing family. He was the season champion in 2019. Following in his dad’s footsteps, who had many championships under his belt. Kyten raced a partial season this year, coming in 7th place.  Kyten was unable to attend the 2022 banquet. 

Randy Adams #65 had a very interesting year with Vintage Modified Racing Association.  Taking home 8th place, as well-as the Hard Luck Trophy (trophy designed and made by Rick Villyard)!  Randy faced a few struggles, he had a medical emergency that kept him from starting the main event in Hermiston, Oregon. Randy begged the track EMTs to let him race before they transported him to the hospital.  He always showed up to put on a great show for the fans.  Unfortunately, Randy was not able to attend the banquet.


Robert Rux #88 took 9th place racing a partial season in 2022.  Robert has been racing with Vintage Modified since 1999.  Over the years he’s received trophies for Hard Luck and Best Appearing car. In remembrance of Mountain Man, Ken Jackson, pictured in neon 88.


Devin Eierman #6, also raced a partial season with Vintage Modified in 2022, taking home the 10th place trophy.  However, he has six championships with Vintage Modified. 

2022 Celebration Banquet

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A very lovely evening for Vintage Modified Racing Association, celebrating their 2022 Racing Season Banquet.  First of all, thank you to Vince and Deanna Conwell for opening their amazing, beautiful home to VMRA for the banquet celebration.

Deanna provided a beautifully decorated room for the teams to meet, greet, eat and celebrate. Spend time with families, friends and racing teams.