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Modified racing is one of the oldest types of racing in the US, dating back to the days of the post-World War II coupes. Modified racing began as race drivers modified their cars to gain a competitive advantage over their fellow competitors. What started out as minor modifications to the cars has now grown to the point that some modified classes are no longer based on any current production vehicles. NASCAR was instrumental in modified racing's beginnings. Some of NASCAR's pioneers were veteran modified racers long before NASCAR's inception in 1949.

First Race of the 2018 Season – Last Year – April 14th

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Last year our first race of the season was April 14th 2018 at Evergreen Speedway in Monroe. Evergreen doesn’t call the race a ‘rain-out’ until the very last minute of pour down rain.  Enjoy these pictures from last years first race.

What a wet day. Evergreen Speedway was not going to call a ‘Rain-Out’ for Vintage Modified Racing Association, so several teams showed-up and sported the rainy-day. The drivers never did get their cars onto the track, and only one car actually backed off their trailer. However, in spite of the rain everyone had a fun day. For the teams that could not make it to the track, we don’t race by the mail carriers motto… NOT WIND – NOR RAIN – NOR SLEET – NOR HAIL… many teams travel a great distance to race in this traveling club, we know if you could have been there today, you would have been there today.

So at 3:30 pm Evergreen Speedway finally called it a rain out for Vintage Modified Racing Association, this club is amazing. Thank you to MicRobert’s Kitchen for feeding the teams.

A great fellowship day, rain or not.


Most Inspirational for 2018

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It was a tie for the peer vote for Most Inspirational for 2018, Ken ‘Mountain Man’ Jackson and Micki Rux.  These two people provide a lot of support to the club and the teams. Ken is the ‘go-to-man’ for tires, parts and service and Micki is the ‘go-to-women’ for great meals, running to the tower for line-up sheets, point sheets and making sure everyone is where they need to be when they need to be there.

Thank you Ken and Micki for your unfailing service to VMRA. You both give so much of your time and dedication to make sure the teams are well cared for.  You are both appreciated for everything. Thank you.



2018 Champion Ken Kaltschmidt #27

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Ken Kaltschmidt in the #27 car took first place with the Vintage Modified Racing Association for 2018. Ken came to VMRA in 2017. He is a seasoned Late Model driver, but came looking for a more economical, more fun-type of racing. Ken and his partner, Vince Conwell, bought a Chuck Peterson built car from John Mustered. They tuned up the car and proceeded to show the teams how fast these cars can go. Ken is not only quick on the track, but quick to share his knowledge and expertise with anyone who asks.

Not only did the #27-team win the 2018 championship, these two men were voted in as the ‘Best Sportsman’ by their peers.  This team ended their season with a total of 636-points. Also, they were in the top five at mid-season.  Congratulations to Ken Kaltschmidt and Vince Conwell for a fantastic year.


Mike Clother #7 – 2nd Place for 2018

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Mike Clother has been racing with Vintage Modifieds since 1995.  Mike began racing in 1981, Demo Derby on Mother’s day and won a trophy, he was hooked from there on.  He is a strong support of Vintage Modifieds. Mike has served on the board many-many years. He has served as Treasurer, Vice President and President.  Mike is currently the board President.

Mike races in a 1948 Buick with a 355 Chevy V8.  One of his racing accomplishments, Mike clocked at 160 MPH at Bonneville Salt Flats. His car has been around a loooong time.

Mike took home the 2nd place trophy for the 2019 racing season with a total of 527-points.  Congratulations to Mike and Jacque Clother for another successful racing season.  Presenting Mike with his trophy is John Mustered.  Mike was also in the top 5 at mid season.



Johnny Lightning #26 took 3rd Place 2018

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John Mustered aka: Johnny Lightning took home the 3rd place trophy, ending his 2018 racing season with a total of 507-points.  John was the 2018 board secretary and has been the clubs promoter for several years.  Johnny Lightning, the Troubadour, is fast with a tune and fast on the track.  John sold all of his racing stuff two years ago to concentrate on music.  They say you are never out of racing until you sell your trailer.  Well, John did sell his trailer, but he didn’t make it a full season before he bought another car and got his trailer back as well.


John was one of the top 5-drivers mid-season.


The full 2019 racing season is updated on the Race Schedule & Events page.