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Modified racing is one of the oldest types of racing in the US, dating back to the days of the post-World War II coupes. Modified racing began as race drivers modified their cars to gain a competitive advantage over their fellow competitors. What started out as minor modifications to the cars has now grown to the point that some modified classes are no longer based on any current production vehicles. NASCAR was instrumental in modified racing's beginnings. Some of NASCAR's pioneers were veteran modified racers long before NASCAR's inception in 1949.

Bobby Wheeler, Jr Won the Main Event at South Sound Speedway Saturday Night

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The 2015 season ends with Bobby Wheeler, Jr 22-car taking home the Main Event trophy from South Sound Speedway on September 26th.

Bobby ends his season as the points leader, a total of 890-points puts him in 1st place.  Congratulations to Bobby Wheeler and the 22-team.  Thank you to the sponsors that supported the 22-team this season: Streamline Auto Body, Hondos Heads – hondJack@MSN.Com, King’s Transmission and Fife Signs.

22 trophy

Bobby Wheeler, Jr

1947 Ford

Robert Rux took 1st place in the Heat race.  Robert Rux in the 88-car took 2nd place in points this season, ending his season with 845-points. Robert Rux is VMRA’s Board President, thank you for your service. Thank you to the sponsors of the 88-team:

STICKERBOYZZZ Discount Lettering – stickerboyzzz@comcast.net
Visual Options – Tacoma – 253/472-1440 (tinted windshields ask for Jon), NAPA Centerline Machine Shop, Puyallup – 253/848-3525, Puyallup Pizza Time – 253/841-9515, Hondos Heads – hondJack@MSN.Com, My Three Sons. LLS, SYNAPSE Films, Fiedler & Tennuy, P.C. and Micki Rux, wife and financial backer and Les Yeager, Crew Chief.

88 Robert trophy girl  88 Front Right

Mike Clother driving the 7-car is in third place with 828 points. Ending his season with a couple Main Event wins.  Thank you to the 7-teams sponsors:
Bowtie Performance (Power) – 253/862-4159, Carburation Technology – 253/472-9667

07 Mike B Trophy Dash

Mike Clother in the 7 car, 6th place with 502 points.

Devin Eierman driving the 6-car took 2nd place in the Main Event, ending his season in 4th place with a total of 669 points.  Devin Eierman is VMRA’s Sgt. of Arms, thank you for your service.  Thank you to the support of the 6-teams sponsors:  #1 Sponsor is Mom, Rears & Gears, Image Auto Body, Red Line Oil and Coinforce.com

Devin 6 car 1st  SSS 6 track

John Mustered in the 26-car ends his season in 5th place, with a total of 619 points. Johnny Lightning is VMRA’s Vice President and Club Promoter, thank you for your service.

John Trophy Helen  25_6 pits

Dave Trapp is a founding member of Vintage Modified. Dave races in the 51-car. Dave has had his fair share of hard luck this year, the 51-car took a pretty bad hit this season. Dave ended this season in 6th place with a total of 427 points.  Thank you to the 51-teams sponsor: Streamline Auto Body – 253/376-1917


Dave Trapp

Bill Brewer in the 04-car is new this year to Vintage Modifieds, one of our Spokane teams. VMRA welcomes the Brewer team. Bill ended his season in 7th place with 338-points.

   BBQ 04_2

Kyten Jones in the 30-car maintained 8th place this year with a total of 336-points.  Thank you to the sponsors of the 30-team:
Benchmark Barrels – www.benchmark-barrels.com – Arlington, WA, Berg’s Custom Cylinder Heads – Arlington, WA, Jay’s Automotive – Everett, WA andDillon Trucking – Arlington, WA

Driver Side Kyten  Kyten family

In 9th place this year is Chuck Peterson, driving the 23-car and ending his season with a total of 268-points. Chuck is also a founding member of VMRA.
Thank you to the 23-team sponsors: West Bay NAPA Auto Parts and Kitsap Tractor.

5 Petersons 5th   DSCF0867

In 10th place is the Jim Palmer team, car-05. Jim’s team ended their season with 258-points.

05 car 1  05 team 1

The season end banquet will be on October 17th.  Please have your guest list and payment for the banquet turned in to a board member by October 10th.



Mike Clother in his # 7 Car – won both Main Events at SSSpeedway Labor Day Weekend

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Vintage Modified Racing Association are a great group of people. They race together, socialize together and when it may get heated on the track; they still supper together.  With all that said, lets all give a huge call out to Mike Clother the driver of that blue 1949 Buick modified # 7 car.  Car and driver took home two nights in a row, checkered flag and trophies September 5th and 6th, 2015.

Mike Clother is the trophy winner for September 5th and September 6th.  Two checkered flags in two days at South Sound Speedway.  It has been a long time coming,  no one deserves these two wins like, Mike Clother in his # 7- car.

Mike Trophy familySSS  9_15  Mike trophy girl       Mike trophy SSS 7 track

Mike has been racing since 1981.  Mike has 7 career wins with Vintage Modifieds.  Congratulations to car owner Jacque Clother.

Thank you to Mike’s Sponsors:  Bowtie Performance (Power) – 253/862-4159 and Carburation Technology – 253/472-9667

Robert Rux in the 88-car won the trophy dash on Saturday evening. It was an exciting night of racing for the 88-team. Unfortunately his engine blew on Saturday after the main event.  Sunday morning Mike Clother drove Robert Rux to Tacoma and picked up an extra engine the John Mustered offered up so Rux could continue racing on Sunday. Now that’s team work.


SSS 88 track 8
Thank you to Robert Rux sponsors:STICKERBOYZZZ Discount Lettering – stickerboyzzz@comcast.net
Visual Options – Tacoma – 253/472-1440 (tinted windshields ask for Jon)
NAPA Centerline Machine Shop, Puyallup – 253/848-3525
Puyallup Pizza Time – 253/841-9515
Hondos Heads
My Three Sons. LLS
Fiedler & Tennuy, P.C.
Micki Rux, wife and financial backer

Bobby Wheeler, Jr in the 22-car won the heat race on Saturday and John Mustered in the 26-car won the heat race on Sunday. Way to go!

Front 22  Front 26_88

It was a great turn out Saturday and Sunday, there was a 12-car count. Thank you everyone for making two nights of racing fantastic.

Mike Clother

Mike Clother

Bobby Wheeler, Jr

Bobby Wheeler, Jr

Robert Rux

Robert Rux

Devin Eirman

Devin Eirman

John Mustered

John Mustered

Dave Trapp

Dave Trapp

Bill Brewer

Bill Brewer

Aaron Clother

Aaron Clother

Glen Forcier

Glen Forcier

SSS 83 track

Don Huntley

Don Huntley

Robby Cartwright

Robby Cartwright


 The last race of the season will be back at South Sound Speedway on Saturday, September 26th.

Evergreen Speedway August 22nd. Bobby Wheeler, Jr. – Robert Rux – Kyten Jones

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“The 25 lap main started out with Huson leading off and maintained the lead for 11 laps, Clother and Wheeler raced side-by-side behind him, dueling for the opportunity to be the one to challenge for the lead. Mustered and Rux raced just behind the dicing leaders waiting for the wreck that seemed inevitable. It came in turns one and two on the 12th lap.” wrote Mike Clother

The wreck ended with Bobby Wheeler, Jr – car #22 taking the checkered flag 1st.  Robert Rux – car #88 came in 2nd and Kyten Jones – car # 30 took 3rd.   Bobby is still the points leader, with 675-points.  Robert is positioned with a close 2nd ending the evening with 645-points.  Kyten is moving up with a total of  336-points.

Bobby trophy  22

Robert trophy 2 88 Driver

Kyten Kyten Jones in 3rd with 326 points. Kyten Jones in 3rd with 326 points.[/caption]

In the Heat Vern Huson – car # 77 took 1st. John Mustered – car # 26 took 2nd and Kyten Jones – car # 30 took 3rd.

77 Vern 3 26 John Ephrata 2013 30 KytenJones

The next race will be a Saturday and Sunday race at South Sound Speedway on September 5th and 6th. There will be a camp out and pop luck for Saturdays dinner. More information to come on that, communication will be going out to all race teams.

What a Fantastic Night of Racing for Kyten Jones and the 30-team at Evergreen Speedway August 8th

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It doesn’t get more exciting then winning the Heat Race and the Main Event all in one night. This was the first Main Event win for Kyten Jones in the 30-car. Saying congratulations just doesn’t seem to be enough, but Congratulations Kyten Jones!

Kyten held the lead from the beginning and didn’t look back, taking the checkered flag in the Heat Race. It was an exciting moment for the 30-team. Cheers were hollered out from the stands and much excitement in the pits. But the icing on the cake came when Kyten took the Main Event checkered flag. Kyten held his ground, even with a couple of cautions, leading the way in the 25-lap Main Event to the checkered flag and the trophy. Words cannot properly express how proud and happy your family, friends and the fans were with these two wins. Way to go Kyten Jones in the 30-car!

This win is in Loving Memory of Kyten’s mom, Cheryl Jones.

Kyten family


loving memory    Kyten_Cheryl_2

Thank you to the 30-team Sponsors:
Benchmark Barrels – www.benchmark-barrels.com – Arlington, WA
Berg’s Custom Cylinder Heads – Arlington, WA
Jay’s Automotive – Everett, WA
Dillon Trucking – Arlington, WA

The next race will be back at Evergreen Speedway in Monroe on August 22nd.  Evergreen Speedway will be featuring a Street Stock Challenge evening.

Classes Racing will be Vintage Modifieds, Street Stock Nationals Open Comp, Outlaw F8, Minis, and Hornets.

It is family night so the tickets will cost $10.00 11 yrs and older.  For more information about Evergreen Speedway CLICK HERE.

Evergreen Speedway on Saturday August 8th

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The next race will be at Evergreen Speedway at 14405 179th Ave SE Monroe, WA on August 8th.  For information about Evergreen Speedway CLICK HERE.

Classes Racing will be Vintage Modifieds, Figure 8 Nationals, Hornets, Stinger 8 and Pro 4 Trucks.

Ticket prices are 16 yr to Adult – $20.00. Ages 5 to 15 are $10.00.  Under age 5 are Free.

For weekend Weather in Monroe CLICK HERE.

For local lodging and camping in or near Monroe CLICK HERE.

Congratulations to Vintage Modifieds mid-season Top Five Drivers.  Bobby Wheeler, Jr in the 22-car; Robert Rux in the 88-car; Mike Clother in the 7-car; Devin Eirman in the 6-car and Dave Trapp in the 51-car.

Bobby Wheeler, Jr current points leader - 531 points.

Bobby Wheeler, Jr current points leader – 531 points.

Robert Rux holding 2nd place with 503 points.

Robert Rux holding 2nd place with 503 points.

Mike Clother in 3rd place with a total of 463 points.

Mike Clother in 3rd place with a total of 463 points.

Devin Eirman in 4th place with 453 points.

Devin Eirman in 4th place with 453 points.

Dave Trapp in 5th place with a total of 300 in points.

Dave Trapp in 5th place with a total of 300 in points.

Vintage Modified t-shirts are still available. Small to XL are $10.00 – 2XL and 3XL are $12.00