Ten Cars Racing on Saturday, April 30th at Evergreen Speedway

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What started out to be a wet, windy and raining morning turned into a blue-sky afternoon of racing.  

#10 Brian Cottrell took 1st place in the 30-lap Main Event. Brian had a rough start, during the A-Heat race he left the track due to a large volume of smoke pouring off from his engine.  Thank goodness, it was only power steering fluid causing all of that smoke.  Brian ended his evening with a total of 76-points.  Congratulations to Brian Cottrell and his crew for a great start to our 2022 Racing Season.


# 22 Steve Woods, our 2021 Season Champion, came in 2nd place in the Main Event. There were times he was close to taking first, but Brian gave him a run for his money and gave the fans a lot to cheer for.  Steve ended his evening with a total of 74-points.  What a great start for Steve Woods and his team.


# 30 Kyten Jones took home 3rd place in the Main Event. Kyten was our 2019 Season Champion.  Kyten was raised with a racing family; his father Jim Jones took home a couple championships in his days of racing. And now we need to keep an eye on young Kamden Jones, he’ll be taking home a season championship one day. Kyten ended his evening with a total of 72-points. Congratulations Kyten to a great start in our 2022 racing season.


#82 Vince Conwell took 1st in the A-Heat Race and 4th in the Main Event.  Vince is starting the season with a total of 71-points. A great start for the 82-team.    

#2 Rick Villyard took 1st in the B-Heat Race.  He also came ion 5th place in the Main Event. The Main Event was exciting to watch, such a great turn out. Rick is in 5th place with a total of 66-points.

Robert Rux in the 88-car is holding 6th place with a total of 63-points. This is Robert’s first year racing in this 1936 Chevy Sedan.  Looking forward to a great season of racing. 


In 7th place is Jason Quatso in the #8 car, sporting a total of 61-points.  Jason first began racing is 2002 with Sky Valley Stock w/WWRA class.  He began racing with VMRA in 2021.  Congratulations to Jason and his crew Jason, Connor and Ken.

Shane Strimple #57 is currently in 8th place with 58-points.  He had a little trouble during the Main Event and had to leave the track early.   Shane joined Vintage Modified in 2021. He races in a 1941 Plymouth Coupe with a 350 cubic inch motor.  


Todd McCartney driving the 92-car, has been racing with Vintage Modified since 1996.  He currently is in 9th place with 57-points. Todd and his partner Dave Trapp bring a lot of talent to Vintage Modified. 


Mitch Woods #37 had a bit of bad luck, issue with his oil pan and was unable to complete racing on Saturday. He is in 10th place with 34-points. I bet we can see a good come back in the upcoming races, Mitch had a winning season in 2021.


MicRobert’s Kitchen would not have been up and running if it weren’t for the help of Jim Jones. The pits did not have power and Jim to the rescue provided power with his generator.


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