2008 Mid-Season Trophy Winners

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VMRA proudly presents our mid-season trophy winners. Bob Fulmer, #75 is currently in 1st place (red fire suit, second to the right); Jim Jones, #03 is in 2nd place (black fire suit, center); Kiel Hobbs, #47 is running in 3rd place (white/blue fire suit, second to the left); Mike Clother, #07 standing in 4th place (far right, blue/white fire suit) and John Mustered, #26 is holding 5th place (black/white fire suit, far left). Trophy’s were presented at the Port Angeles race on July 5th. Congratulations to our mid-season champions and trophy winners. We’d also like to acknowledge NuTread Tires who sponsored our race at Port Angeles, July 5th. We really appreciate all the support NuTread Tires provides to our club. If you’d like to know more about our mid-season winners, go into their Driver Bios. You can leave comments for the drivers/teams by clicking on the Comments link at the bottom of their Bio page. Come on out to our next race on July 26th at South Sound Speedway and cheer on your favorite car/driver.

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