2010 Most Inspirational – Non Driver Awards

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This year we had a three way tie for Most Inspirational – Non Driver. There were a lot of wonderful things said about these 3-men. They were all ready and available to lend a hand at any and all times. Always had good things to say and offered up great advice when it was needed. VMRA wants to thank these 3-men for their exceptional merit to the club and its members.

Ron Wadsack, from the #03 team ron-inspriational-2010 This is the second year Ron won this trophy. Thank you Ron for all you do for the teams. Your wisdom is always welcomed and appreciated.

Leonard Schmidt, from the #32 team leonard-inspirational-2010
Thank you Leonard. Your friendship to many and leadership to the club is very appreciated. Your dedication to the club, being the board president these last few years, has not always been an easy path to lead. You take on a lot and still pull through for the members.

And last but not least, Les Yeager, from the #88 team. Unfortunately Les was not available to accept the trophy or to be pictured. Les brings a lot of knowledge to the club and help too the teams. His right hand of friendship is extended to all the teams. Always willing and able to offer up his help. Thank you Les. Accepting his trophy is Robert Rux, driver of the #88 vintage.

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