2011 Season ends with a family BBQ after the last race at South Sound Speedway

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Here we are, another season has come to an end, it is time for all the teams to make plans for the next season. The last race was at South Sound Speedway, with Jeff Peterson taking home the Main Event trophy and Bobby Wheeler, Jr ending the season as the 2011 VMRA champion.

driver_board_family-group_1 2011-drivers_1 last-race-004 turn-3-main-event

The last race ended with a family BBQ, sponsored by the 88 team. All VMRA teams were invited to join in on the great food, music and family fun. Here are a few photos of the event, thank you to the 88 team for hosting the season end BBQ.

Robert cooking season-end-bbq_1 Group season-end-bbq_2 season-end-bbq_4 John_Laura season-end-bbq_5 Robert season-end-bbq_6 Robert season-end-bbq_7 Group season-end-bbq_10 season-end-bbq_11 season-end-bbq_12 season-end-bbq_13 season-end-bbq_15 season-end-bbq_16 season-end-bbq_17 season-end-bbq_18 season-end-bbq_19 season-end-bbq_20 season-end-bbq_21 season-end-bbq_22 robert_micki jordan-and-helen

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