2012 VMRA Board Members and Volunteers

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Thank you to the 2012 VMRA Volunteers. These volunteers have been dedicated to the members of VMRA for several years, serving with the best interest of the club and its members and yet continue again in 2012.

As you know, being a volunteer in any organization, group, school or even within your own family stepping up to organize a family reunion is a lot of hard work. Dealing with many opinions, agreements and/or disagreements. So at this time, here is a heartfelt thank you to the dedicated people who continue to volunteer their services to keep this wonderful club a fun and family oriented racing club.

Leonard Schmidt is the 2012 board president. Leonard has dedicated his time for the past few years as the board president keeping the club running as smoothly as possible. It isn’t always a happy position to volunteer for, there is a lot of great responsibility being the president of a club. Undertaking the good, the bad and temperaments of everyone and everything involved. Thank you Leonard for your years of service.


Charlie West is the boards vice president. Charlie has been a valuable member of the board, bringing a sense of clam and level headed thinking. Charlie has been a volunteer for the past few years as well. Charlie began racing with VMRA in 1993, he left and came back because racing with VMRA is fun and affordable. Thank you Charlie for your continued support of VMRA.

Charlie West-42

Maleah Smitham is the boards secretary. This is her second year of service. Meleah has been key in putting together the year end banquet. She secured the facility and overseen the menu. Meleah also volunteers her time in the pits as part of the tech team. Thank you Meleah for your volunteer service to VMRA.


Mike Clother has been a dedicated member of the board for many, many years as the treasurer. A job that would drive most people nuts just dealing with numbers. Being the treasure is no easy task, it is harder then it sounds. The responsibility of money, incoming and outgoing, reporting to the penny to the members is one the biggest responsibilities to the club. Thank you Mike for all of your many, many years volunteering to VMRA.


Tom Smitham volunteers as the Sgt. of Arms to VMRA. Tom wears many hats as the Sgt. of Arms. He heads the tech team in the pits during race season, teching the cars before they hit the track and then again teching the top 3 cars at the end of the main events. Sometimes there is a random draw of one or more cars to undergo being teched. When there are differences between teams or members Tom is the one responsible to find a peaceful resolve to any given situation. Thank you Tom for serving on the board.


John Mustered has been a volunteer in two different areas of need. He first began as the board vice president many years ago and from there he stepped up as the clubs promoter. Taking on the scheduling of the clubs racing season. Meeting with the promoters of the various tracks, negotiating pay outs and trying to meet the needs of all members and where they are willing to travel and race. I would also like to mention John Jr. who has so faithfully volunteered by putting together the poster, race schedule. Unfortunately I do not have a photo of John Jr. but his service needs mentioned. The posters are always very creative and sharp looking.


Thank you to one and all for your dedicated service to Vintage Modified Racing Association. Your time and effort is greatly appreciated.

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