2015 Second Place winner is Robert Rux in the 88-Car

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Robert Rux, 2015 and 2016 Board President, took 2nd place in the 2015 racing season.  Robert came in with 845-season points.  His engine blew towards the end of the season, with doubts of completing the end year of racing his team mate John Mustered in the 26-car came through with his back up engine.  It was all about team work.  Mike Clother in the 7-car drove back to Tacoma, from Rochester, early in the morning before the evening race to grab the engine for the 88-team.  So as it turned out, with all the team work, Robert was able to finish the evening of racing and held 2nd place. Thank you to all the teams that pitched in and came to the 88-team’s rescue.  Congratulations to Robert Rux and the 88-team for a very successful season.  Not only did the 88-car take 2nd place, but also received the ” Best Appearing Car” for 2015.

Rux_John_5  Rux_John_3  a_88_trophy  88_4

Helen Rose, pit crew for the 88-team, was also acknowledged for being a dedicated volunteer in the sale of the Vintage Modified t-shirt fundraiser.  Helen put several hours into the sale of the t-shirts. Her time and energy was greatly appreciated, thank you Helen Rose.

Rux_Helen  Helen

Micki Rux, also part of the 88-team pit crew.  Micki was also recognized for her volunteering to the sale of t-shirts, hats and sun-visors.  She would sell Vintage Shirts where ever she went. Doctor or dentist appointments. Friends and family. Thank you for your dedication to Vintage Modified’s club and members.  She was also honored for 2015, “Most Inspirational”.  Voted in my her peers. A great honor and very appreciated.

Rux_Micki    Micki_robert_plaque_2

One other team mate of the 88-team got recognition for always going the extra mile. Les Yeager, Pit Boss and part owner of the 88-car.  Les is a strong member for the 88-team. His years of partnership and dedication has always been 100%.  Thank you Les.

Rux_les_plaque  Sign_Rux

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