2019 VMRA Banquet – Mike Clother in the #7-car took Home the 7th Place Trophy

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Mike Clother in the #7-car came in 7th place this year, ending his 2019 racing season with a total of 440-points. Mike has been racing with Vintage Modified Racing Association for 24-years. He first joined VMRA  1995.  His first opinion of the cars was that they were Fast and Cool. Mike thought the teams were great racers, and even had the best fans.

Mike has been a very strong supporter of VMRA. He has been voted in as the Board President and has severed in that position off and on over the course of several years and is currently the Board President. He has served as the Board Treasurer back in the day. Mike is the ‘go to’ person for many of the members.

Mike races in a 1948 Buick. His car was built by  Bowtie Performance and Kevin Rinkel.  Mike first began racing with the Demo Derby on Mother’s Day 1981. He won a trophy and was hooked.  Mike’s first class was with Hobby Stocks at Spanaway Speedway.  His favorite track is Bonneville Salt Flats and was clocked at 162 MPH.  Mike also has 7-championships under his belt with VMRA. Jacque Clother, Mike’s lovely wife is the car owner.



3rd – 3rd – 3rd – 3rd – 3rd – 3rd – 3rd – 3rd – 3rd – 3rd – 3rd – 3rd – 3rd

John Mustered has been racing with Vintage Modifieds since 2004.  John held one of the top 5-positions through the 2019 racing season and took home the 3rd place trophy and ending his 2019 season with a total of 545-points.

During his time racing with Vintage Modifieds he has volunteered for several positions. He has served on the board as Vice President and Secretary, he is the clubs promoter taking on the challenge of scheduling the races every year. Thank you John for your service to Vintage Modified Racing Association.

John’s car is a 1940 Hudson with a 350-size engine.  His car was built by Chuck Peterson and Darren Cope. Josh Peterson is the 26-team crew chief.  A very special Thank You to Leonard Schmidt.











2nd – 2nd – 2nd – 2nd – 2nd – 2nd – 2nd – 2nd – 2nd – 2nd – 2nd – 2nd 

Congratulations to Vince Conwell driving the 27X car, taking home the 2nd place trophy for the season and ending the season with a total of 569-points.


Vince first began racing in 1978 with the Claimer class.  He first began racing with Vintage Modified in 2017.  He races in a 1937 Chevy with a 350 motor. Vince built his car and is co-owner with Ken Kaltschmidt.

A very special thank you goes out to Deanna Conwell, Ken Kaltschmidt and Marcey Sullivan.  And thank you Vince Conwell for your service on the board as Sgt. of Arms.



Ed Beck in the 15-car, 1947 Ford Sedan, took home three trophies in his first year racing with Vintage Modified Racing Association.  Ed took home the 8th place trophy, with a total of 377-points. Ed began his racing hobby in 1990 with the Thunder Car Class.  He not only took home the 8th place trophy, but was voted in for the “Hard Luck” award. Of course no one wants to end the season with acknowledgement of “Hard Luck”, but after blowing 3-engines it pretty much goes hand in hand. Rick Villyard in the 2-car made the hard luck trophy for Ed, an amazing trophy!


Ed received the Rooking of Year tophie as well. That is an accomplishment, three trophies in his first year racing w/VMRA.


A special thank you to Ed Becks team, family and friends.  Co-owner, Becky Beck and Crew Chief, Shawn McGuire and 
Pit Crew Team Shawn, Dylan & Moe.  A special thank you to Gary and Sharleen Beck and Kyle & Opal Trussell.  Acknowledgement to the Beck teams sponsors: Drake’s Pizza & Subs, Ok Timber, Baxters Auto Parts, 
and Richard Fry III  907 Racing.



What a wonderful evening at the Emerald Queen Casino Banquet Center on Saturday evening. A great turn out. Wonderful presentations. Great giveaways.  But let’s start with our season champion, Kyten Jones.  Kyten was raised in a racing family. Kyten began racing with Vintage Modified in 2012.  Kyten finished the season with a total of 593-points. Held first place all season. A wonderful championship year for Kyten Jones.



Kyten’s dad, Jim Jones (who is also a Vintage Modified champion) spoke some words of pride and endearment for Kyten. Shared memories of the past, with his wife – Kyten’s mom Cheryl who would be extremely proud of her son. Shared words of Kyten’s character and strengths.  Not only did Kyten receive the championship; but he was voted in by his peers as the ‘Most Improved Driver’.  Congratulations Kyten Jones for such a successful season.  Jim Jones was voted in as ‘Sportsman of the Year’ by his peers.

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