#3 does it again!

Posted by | Posted in General | Posted on 23-08-2008

What a great night at the races. Robert Rux, #88, led 26-laps of the main event, Jim Jones #03 came flying past #88 after the third caution of the night for the trophy win, once again, at South Sound Speedway. I’m running out of things to say about #03 as he is single handily taking the trophy’s for the season. A photo was taken of Jim, his car, his trophy and his wonderful wife – Cheryl Jones. Unfortunately the photo did not turn out.

Jim has had a wonderful season this year. His wife, Cheryl, is a fantastic supporter of this sport. She is at all the races, is in the pits encouraging and support Jim. Jim may have many racing trophies, but the best trophy in his life is Cheryl.

Congratulations once again Jim.

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