A Great Win for Scott Rinkel in the 36-Car – Saturday May 24, 2014 at South Sound Speedway

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Racing Saturday night at South Sound Speedway was a complete night of great fun.  Praying away the rain left us with a rain-free night of racing.  There was a good turn out of Vintage cars.  It was a chilly night, but it was also a full night of fans in the stands.  The Sunday race was called a rain-out, but that didn’t stop the Vintage families from having a great time both Saturday and Sunday.

Robert Rux in the 88 car led the first 19-laps of the 35-lap Main Event.  It was a tight race for second between Scott Rinkel in the 63-car and Devin Eierman in the 6-car.  These two fast cars were racing close and tight until Rinkel passed Robert and took off in the front position.  Shortly after that Eierman made it around Rux and slipped into second position.  At the end of the 35-lap Main Event Rinkel in the 63-car came in first, Eierman in the 6-car came in second and Rux in the 88-car came in third.

Congratulations Scott Rinkel for your Main Event win at South Sound Speedway.  You looked like a champion out there Saturday night.  It was a proud moment for Kevin Rinkel, father of Scott and top racer in Vintage Modified until he handed off the steering wheel to his son, in which Scott will carry on the family tradition in racing.

Pictured below is Scott Rinkel in Victory Lane, posing next to him and presenting the trophy is a very lovey trophy girl.  I have to comment, it was wonderful seeing the trophy girl in such a lovely gown to represent South Sound Speedway. 


A huge Thank You goes out to Poulsbo RV of Auburn for sponsoring Saturday’s night of racing.  Poulsbo RV had three amazing RVs on display for an Open House.  A great team of people and beautiful RVs.  Again, thank you Poulsbo RV of Auburn.



Our next race will back at South Sound Speedway on Saturday June 7, 2014.  Thank you sponsors, families, friends and fans for your continued support.

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