A new challenge for the Vintage Boys

Posted by | Posted in General | Posted on 09-07-2009

When it comes to racing, these Vintage boys will take on any racing challenge. As long as there are wheels attached, they’ll race it.

Gentlemen, to the track and on your trike! On your mark – get set – GO!


And they are off. John Mustered–driver of the 26 car, Robert Rux–driver of the 88 car, Jim Jones–driver of the 03 car, and Henry Weichel driver of the 99 car – are facing a whole new challenge in racing today race fans.


Peddling down the track the race is on. John, Robert and Jim are side by side. John passes for the lead, with Jim and Henry hot on his wheels.


Jones comes around and blows John off the track, John’s trike tips over and there he rolls. It’s all good race fans, John stands up and shows the fans he is not hurt. John carefully picks up his trike, no worries; the trike was not damaged in the wreck.


Robert is peddling, but his knees keep hitting his chin, so up he goes and turns his peddle-trike into a push-trike.


They all cross the finish line for another great day of racing.


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