Another Ephrata Raceway win for Bobby Wheeler, Jr – Car 22 – Making this his 4th year in a row

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Congratulations Bobby – car 22 – for another win at Ephrata Raceway Park.  Bobby has won the Main, over the past 4-years, at Ephrate Raceway Park.  This track seems to be Bobby’s track for Main Event trophy wins.

There was a Vintage fan in the stands that went running onto the track during the photo shoot, super excited about Bobby’s Main Event win.  She was yelling I told them the 22 car would win.  This women handed her camera to the track photo person to take a picture of her and Bobby.  She had Bobby step a side to display the numbers ’22’ in her pictures.  Bobby laughed and gave her his Main Event Trophy.  Way to go Bobby!  Apparently Bobby’s wins over the past 4-years at Ephrata Raceway Park has gained him an Ephrata fan base.


Mike Clother – car 7 – won the trophy dash for the evening.  It was also an exciting race for the fans to watch.  Congratulations Mike.


The main event had some very interesting racing. Other then Bobby winning the Main. Trapp – car 51 and Carabello – car 13 came into a tangle going into turn one. These two cars slid across the dirt all the way to turn two; once they both hit pavement they just kept on going at full throttle! Boy did the crowd start yelling and clapping, hooping and a hollering with that move.

During the heat race Rux – car 88 and Trapp – car 51 got into a bit of a clip. Trapp drove into the corner, missed the brakes and hit the gas, clipping into Rux’s left front tire and bent the wheel which caused the 88 car to get a flat tire.

Saturday evening of racing was far from boring. The Vintage fans came from all over, as far as Clarkston and as close as Ephrata.

Kyten Jones – car 03 – was off to a great start during the Main event. Unfortunately, the rear-end blew and Kyten had to pull off and and head back into the pits.  Quite a disappointment for this young rookie driver.  

Thank you family, friends and fans for making the noise in the stands a night to remember. What a great night of racing. Thank you to the drivers and teams that came out to give the fans a night worth cheering about.

Thank you to the sponsors of Saturday night’s race. Nu-Tread Tires of Tacoma, Les and Gail Yeager 88 tream and Leonard Schmidt board president and 32 team.

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