Another Exciting Night of Racing at South Sound Speedway

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It is never a dull moment when watching the Vintage Modifieds race.  These open wheeled modifieds are not only fun to watch race, but they are beautiful cars that are breathtaking as they approach the track.

Chuck Peterson, car 23 started out in the lead of the 30-lap main event.  He held the lead for the first several laps until Robert Rux, car 88 was able to get around him and held the lead for the remaining laps, up to the last 3-laps when Bobby Wheeler, car 22 was able to get past Robert after the 3rd caution. 


Bobby was hot on Roberts tail racing fast and hard trying to take the lead.  His luck came in as the green flag dropped after the 3rd caution of the night.  Congratulations Bobby on another 1st place main event trophy win.

Bob Fulmer, car 75 was off to a great start during the main event.  Until he ran into some trouble and needed to be pushed off the track.  Later we found out he had the misfortune of a blown motor. 

There must have been a dark cloud in the air, Kyten Jones, car 03 also had the bad luck of a blown engine and was unable to compete in the main event. 

The next race will be held at Evergreen Speedway in Monroe on Saturday August 25th.  There are only 2 races left for the 2012 season.  Best of luck to all the Vintage teams.


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