Evergreen Speedway August 1st

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What a fun day at Evergreen Speedway in Monroe.  A good turn out of 8-cars. We had an 8-lap Heat Race and a 20-lap Main Event.  The Heat race had a couple of cautions, but a great finish with the 22-car taking 1st, 47-car taking 2nd and the 5-car taking 3rd.  The Main Event went without any mishaps and the 22-car taking 1st, 47-car taking 2nd and the 27-car taking 3rd.

Steve Woods-22-car and his team with his first place Main Event trophy.  What a great day for Steve Woods, and his Crew Chief: John woods and Crew: Lamora Woods, Becca Woods. Ryan Gillespie, Jesse Gillespie, and the little one is Carson Woods.  Congratulations Steve and his 22-team!


Ken Kaltschmidt-47-car and pit crew Jim Shaw took 2nd place in the Main Event. What a great day of racing for the 47-team. Congratulations Ken and Jim.

Craig Forney-27-car and pit crew Eileen Forney and Skip Markham took home the 3rd place Main Event trophy.  Congratulations Craig, Eileen and Skip.


As people walk through the pits, admiring all of the cars, a couple up-and-coming race car fans stop by the 88-teams pit. These young lads were with their dad, all the way from Montana.  Say ‘Hello’ to Connor and Skylar.


Taking a stroll through the pits, seeing everyone together and enjoying the day; anticipating hitting the track, it felt good seeing everyones joy filled faces.  Interesting cars, interesting decals and interesting writings on the cars, taking time to appreciate the personalities on the cars.



I have to admit that I truly appreciated #1-car Chris Cook’s pit crew.  Let me introduce Chris’ pit crew, Colby and Brianna.


The line-up, anticipating the green light to hit the track. It is very hot outside. Sitting in the cars sweating and getting their heads in the race. The time seems to just drag on while they wait the few minutes for the class ahead of them to finish their last lap.


It was hard capturing great photos of the cars on the track.  So here’s a brief look as they were flying past me on the back stretch heading to turn-4.




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