Bobby Wheeler Jr, car 22 took home the Main Event Trophy and Dave Trapp, car 51 took home the Trophy Dash Trophy at Ephrata Speedway August 27th

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The weather was just perfect on Saturday August 27th in Ephrata. The bleachers were packed full of cheering fans. Vintage Modifieds gave the crowds something worth cheering about, great racing. Mike Clother, car 7 had the fastest time!

Dave Trapp, car 51, took home the Trophy Dash trophy. He took the lead and just kept going. Congratulations Dave!


Johnny “Lightening” Mustered, car 26 (running number 88 for Robert Rux) was in the lead during the main event for the first six laps. Bobby Wheeler Jr, car 22 and Mike Clother, car 7 were both hot on his tail. Coming down the back stretch Bobby and Mike made a Mustered sandwich as they both passed John on either side, making it a three car line up as they passed John to fight for the lead position. Wow, that was an exciting display of great racing. Congratulations Bobby Wheeler Jr, car 22 for taking home the Main Event trophy. Mike came in second and Jeff Peterson, car 28 came in third; with Dave Trapp car 51 coming in close for forth, John Mustered 26 (88) fifth and Chuck Peterson car 23 sixth.

Bobby Wheeler also won the heat race, Mike Clother took second, Jeff Peterson third, Chuck Peterson fourth, Dave Trapp fifth and John Mustered came in sixth.


The next race will be in Monroe at the Evergreen Speedway on September 17th. For information about Evergreen Speedway CLICK HERE. Nu-Tread Tires will sponsor this race, providing an extra $300.00 to the payout. Thank you Nu-Tread for your continued support of VMRA. For all of your tire needs contact Nu-Tread at 253-572-9064. Quality doesn’t cost, Quality pays! Custom retreading of racing tires, industiral and equipment tires.


VMRA Video – Wonderful History created by Rhonda Smith car 50

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