Ken Jackson’s Ford F-350 has been Found

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Greetings Everyone,

Ken’s pick-up truck was found. The police had it towed to impound. Unfortunately, his generator and air compressor is gone. His pick-up truck was totally stripped. The horrid people that did this to Ken used his truck for parts. For whatever reason, who knows. Ken will have to pay the impound fees to get what’s left of his pick-up truck. When I hear more I will update everyone.

Thank you everyone who has been a part of finding Ken’s pick-up truck. He is a good man. Fighting cancer. The go-to-man for all of our racing club; as well as, the tracks we race at. This is such a huge hit for Ken. But thank-you one and all.



Hey everyone, Our good friend Ken Jackson’s (aka: Mountain Man) 2000 Ford F-350 extended cab diesel pickup was stolen from his apartment at 1107 A St. Auburn, WA on October 24th. In the bed of his pickup was his big air compressor and an 8200 watt generator.  His Ford is Teal green with custom wheels. Vintage Modified stickers on left rear window with 88 Robert Rux sticker too.

Ken uses his pickup to tow his trailer to every race. His big air compressor and 8200 watt generator are part of his equipment for using his tire machine. Ken not only mounts tires for our racing club, but he is the go to guy all around the pits for many classes/teams.

Please help me get the word out for Ken and hope the evil people that stole his truck and equipment get caught. His truck is covered by insurance, however, not his compressor or generator. This is a huge loss for Ken. He cannot afford to replace his equipment.


Please share this information in hopes of someone seeing his pickup and call the police.

Tank Tops For Sale

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The Tank Tops have arrived.  $15.00 each.  We still have Hoodies, T-Shirts, Hats and Patches for sale as well.  Please contact me if you’d like any product.

Vintage Modified Approved Tires for Sale

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Vintage Modified approved Tires for Sale.
15-tires for sale @ $25 each
Contact Devin at   253-677-7965

Joe Mraz looking for a Vintage Chassis he sold 5 to 6 yrs ago

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Looking for the whereabouts, or ultimate demise of a chassis I built some years ago. Arin LaMountain of Spokane sold it to someone on the West side, 5 or 6 years ago, and was rumored to have become a Vintage Modified. Stock stub, joined together to stock Camaro rear rails as shown in pic. Was leaf, converted to 3 link. Front stub attached to vertical plates just ahead of brace tubes. Other than that, not real unique.

Call or text: Joe Mraz – 208-743-6729



SOLD – SOLD – 1947 Ford – SOLD – SOLD

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1947 Ford – Vintage modified Fiberglass body complete roller for $4,000.00.  Built by Kevin and Scott Rinkel. Finished top three the last two racing season.

Includes: new spindles, new wheels and tires, new radiator, quick change rear-end, rebuildable shocks and have extra gears.  Lots of extra parts included.

Or, turn key for $6,000.00

Call Robert Rux 253/227-5155