Season End BBQ and Pot Luck – Labor Day Weekend – September 5th and 6th, 2015

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Another wonderful evening of good friends and delicious foods.  The pictures speak for themselves.  Thank you everyone for the great menu items and friendship.


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Labor Day weekend at South Sound Speedway

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Wow! That’s the best word to describe the two Vintage Modified races and the related activities on Labor Day weekend at South Sound Speedway. A full field of cars was on hand, including three from Spokane and the return of the Dawn Huntley racing team with added car and driver Jeff Huntley.


During pre-race hot laps Arron Clother’ bad luck continued with minor problems that plagued him all weekend. Glenn Forcier’s car being piloted by Pat Banks developed a major oil leak that would trailer it for Saturday’s event.  Devin Eierman returned after a few weeks off to repower his racecar.

Eierman set the fast qualifying time with a blazing 15.055, a full tenth of second better than the next fastest time. Was it the new motor or the optional American Racer tires?

The trophy dash was lead off by Robert Rux with season point’s leader Bobby Wheeler on his right. Rux held the lead for all four laps to collect the trophy.

The B heat lined up with A. Clother on the pole and D. Huntley beside him. Rookie point’s leader Bill Brewer and multi-time season champion Dave Trapp comprised row two. Bob Fulmer filling in for first time racer Jeff Huntley followed them. Fulmer worked his way to the lead and stayed there before spinning himself out, handing the win to Trapp who ended the race with Brewer bouncing off the front stretch wall and landing on the roof of Trapp’s car.

Johnny “Lightning” Mustered started his new ride (recently purchased from Chuck Peterson) on the pole flanked by Rux and followed by Wheeler and Clother. Fast guy Eierman brought up the rear. Mustered got a good start followed by Wheeler, Clother and Eierman as Rux faded to the rear. Still getting used to his new steed Mustered slid a bit wide allowing the four other racers to “freight train” him to the rear. Wheeler prevailed over Clother in second with Eierman and Rux third and fourth.

Dawn Huntley sat on the pole for the main with Fulmer next to him. Trapp and M. Clother were row two, Mustered and Rux row three. Eierman and Wheeler comprised row four with A. Clother, Bill Brewer and “Rollin” Robby Cartwright bringing up the rear. Trapp, Fulmer and Clother all had good early laps with Clother eventually working his way around the other two and into the lead position. A spin by Arron Clother put the race under the yellow flag. During the resulting double file restart Fulmer started to the outside of M. Clother. Some confusion allowed Wheeler to take advantage and move up to row 2 outside Trapp. Clother got the jump on Fulmer who got stuck in the outside groove and moved back quickly as drivers passed him on the low side. Clother pulled off to a sizable lead as Wheeler and Trapp dueled for second. Cartwright, Brewer and A. Clother all retired early with various problems to be repaired before Sunday’s race. Rux faded to the rear with a sick sounding engine that ultimately expired on lap 22 of 30.  On lap 25, entering turn one, the still dueling cars of Trapp and Wheeler touched resulting in a flat right front tire on Wheeler’s car that relegated him to the rear.  Clother maintained a comfortable lead till the end finishing ahead of Trapp, Eierman, Mustered, Fulmer and D. Huntley. Next in the results were the ailing cars of Wheeler, Rux, A. Clother, Brewer and Cartwright.

After the race a huge feast was laid out in the camping area. It was a great time with lots of bench racing and adult beverage consumption. During the frivolities it was unanimously decided that Rux’s engine needed to be changed in time for Sunday’s race. Mustered volunteered his spare motor which was in Tacoma.  Mike Clother contributed his truck to pick up the engine. Bob Fulmer offered his shop near the track as a dry place to do the work and the plan came together.


A drizzle of rain was coating the camp area, pits and track. Undaunted the Vmod racers prepared for racing. Thanks to a quick round trip to Tacoma and a lot of help from many of his competitors Rux’s car was running in time for Sunday’s event. Fulmer also assisted in repairs to the cars of Glenn Forcier and Arron Clother. Cartwright was on the phone all morning looking for axles and eventually found some to borrow. These folks race hard on the track to beat each other but work just as hard off the track to help each other make the next event. You gotta love this group. All this and a buffet too.

Only Trapp was unavailable to return for the second day of racing. During hot laps Arron Clother’s car bit him again, this time with rear axle issues. All the others were repaired and ready to do battle. On this day Jeff Huntley started his first race ever in any form of racecar. Pat Banks made his Vintage Modified debut driving Forcier’s car.

By race time the sun was trying to make an appearance but the heavy clouds kept winning the battle for control of the sky.  Eierman continued his fast ways by setting fast time again, just a bit slower than the previous day but still ahead of Wheeler and Clother.

In an attempt to stay ahead of the impending rain the promoter opted to forgo trophy dashes and move right into the heat races. The B heat was won by Rookie point’s leader Bill Brewer. In second was Dawn Huntley just ahead of his brother Jeff. Cartwright and Banks followed them.  The A heat was led flag to flag by John Mustered followed by Clother, Eierman, Rux and Wheeler.

Johnny Lightning lined up on the pole for the 30 lap main. Rux was beside him. Wheeler and Eierman made up row two with Clother and D. Huntley behind them. Row four was J. Huntley and Brewer with “Rollin’” Robby at the rear. With the wave of the green flag Mustered led the inside row past the cars starting behind Rux on the outside. By the end of lap one Mustered was on point with Wheeler and Clother behind him. Wheeler wanted the lead and tried to take it with an outside pass in turns 3 and 4. His car did not like that groove and Clother took the opportunity to take over second position. Mustered continued in the lead for several laps until Clother was able to pull beside him on the back straightaway to complete the pass and take over the lead. Eierman was also able to get by Mustered and began the mission to overtake Clother. That never happened as Clother led the caution free 30 lap main to the checkered flag, his second victory in as many days. Eierman was forced to accept runner up honors with Wheeler in third. Mustered held on to fourth, his loaned out motor in Rux’s car was behind him in fifth.  The Huntleys finished sixth and seventh followed by Brewer and Cartwright.

After the race . . . another food fest, of course. Thanks to all who participated in preparing and serving. This was a fun weekend of racing and socializing. It was a lot like a family gathering. Come join us next time on September 26th at South Sound for the final race of the 2015 season. Bring your family and friends to the races and have real good time.

Evergreen Speedway August 22nd. Nine down, three to go.

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Nine down and three to go.

With nine races in the books for 2015 Bobby Wheeler, Jr. still leads the season point’s chase, but now just a mere 30 points ahead of Robert Rux.

For the August 22nd race at Evergreen Speedway the group was joined once again by the Palmer racing team this time with Ricky Henderson filling in for Jim Palmer who is still recovering from the affects of back surgery. Henderson spent several years racing on the dirt at Skagit Speedway and was excited to try out the asphalt. Vern Huson made the tow from Wenatchee to make his second start in a Vintage Modifieds.

Everybody survived the 3 hot-lap sessions on a hot and slick race track. Rux lead off time trials and held fast time until Mike Clother, who timed in last, eclipsed Rux’s time by less than a tenth of a second to claim fast time honors for the day.

Seven cars started the heat race with Huson on the pole flanked by Johnny “lightning” Mustered.  Wheeler and Kyten Jones comprised the second row with Rux and Clother directly behind. New comer Henderson opted to start in the rear of the field. Huson got a good start and held off Mustered for all 8 laps. Jones maintained third while Rux kept ahead of Clother in spite of the abuse he took from Clother’s front bumper. Henderson was sixth followed by Wheeler who was having “major handling issues”.

The 25 lap main started out much the same way, Huson led off and maintained the lead for 11 laps, Clother and Wheeler raced side-by-side behind him, dueling for the opportunity to be the one to challenge for the lead. Mustered and Rux raced just behind the dicing leaders waiting for the wreck that seemed inevitable. It came in turns one and two on the 12th lap. Wheeler entered the turn to the high side of Huson who slid up into the middle groove forcing Wheeler even higher. As Wheeler and Huson made contact Clother saw his chance and dove low hoping to pass both exiting the turn. Unfortunately in open wheel racing bad things can happen when tires touch. That was the case when Huson moved away from Wheeler into the path of Clother who was totally committed to the low side pass. Clother’s right front tire climbed to the top of Huson’s left rear sending Huson’s car into an abrupt left turn directly into the path of Rux and Mustered. Rux made it past; Mustered was not so fortunate. The resulting collision caused major damage to both his and Huson’s cars. Because the track was blocked by wreckage and track support crews the race was stopped to await the removal of the damaged racecars and the cleanup of various fluids. When the race restarted Wheeler assumed the lead, Rux was awarded the second position with Clother behind.  Clother’s car was not as good after the contact and Jones was quickly able to take over third position. That is how they were running when the checkered flag waved ten laps later.  Wheeler, with his handing problem resolved, returned to his winning ways followed by Rux and Jones for the podium positions. Clother limped in fourth with Henderson rounding out the top five.

The Vintage Modifieds will run their last three races of the season in September at South Sound Speedway, two races on Labor Day weekend and the final race three weeks later. Wheeler wants to repeat as champion and Rux is equally determined to un-thrown him. With a full complement of cars expected for the two day show it should be exciting.

Evergreen Speedway August 8, 2015

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Welcome race fans to race number 8 of the 2015 Vintage Modified season. If you haven’t been keeping score Bobby Wheeler dominated the first half of the season and leads the points chase. Robert Rux moved up to second and Mike Clother took over third when a failed engine caused Devin Eierman to settle for no points at race #7 in Wenatchee.

Only and hand full of cars, 6 to be exact, made the trip to Evergreen on August 8th. As is customary Bobby Wheeler laid down the fastest qualifying lap and looked like he might be returning to his winning ways. Jim Palmer’s twin brother, John, has been out of the driver’s seat for about 20 years and chose to make his return on this night filling in for his brother who was on hand but not available to drive. 20 years is a long time it took a few spin outs in practice before John started to remember how it is done.

The heat was lead off by Johnny “Lightning” Mustered running his old reliable back up engine. Kyten Jones was on the outside. Clother and Rux were behind them with Wheeler and Palmer comprising the back row.  Jones took an early lead on the first of 8 laps and never looked back. Mustered stayed behind him while Rux, Clother and Wheeler diced it out to see who would take the third position. Palmer pulled to the pits with a clutch problem that would be repaired before the main. When the dust cleared Jones held the lead with Mustered in P-2. Wheeler won the closely contested battle for 3rd with Clother and Rux behind him.

The line up for the 25 lap main looked a lot like that of the heat race with the exception that Rux was relegated to the back row due to his win at the last race. Wheeler took over the position on the outside of the second row. Once again Jones got a good start and Mustered fell to second with Wheeler just behind. Palmer spun bringing out the yellow with only one lap completed. After the restart Mustered had trouble holding off Wheeler and left the pathway open for Clother and Rux to follow. Palmer was still trying to get his brother’s car to stop spinning out and brought out another caution flag. This allowed Wheeler to fill the mirror of Jones for the restart. Jones kept his cool as Wheeler failed at every attempt to pass for the lead. Meanwhile, a few car lengths back, Rux was hounding Clother trying to take away third. Just as Rux was ready to pounce, the looping car of Palmer slowed the field with yet another caution flag.  This was the short rest that Clother needed to plan his attack on Wheeler. As the green flag flew Jones got another great start. Clother dogged Wheeler whose car was throwing a trail of yellow sparks every time he dove into turn 3. With 5 laps remaining Wheeler drove into 3 hard enough that his car bottomed out and sent him sliding up the track. This was what Clother had been waiting for and he cashed in on the opportunity taking over second position. Wheeler was not to be denied and began his campaign to retake second place. It pleased Jones to look in his mirror and see Clother and Wheeler racing side by side for the remainder of the race.  Jones got to the checkers first to win his first Vintage Modified main event trophy. Clother was able to deny Wheeler second while Rux, Mustered and John “Loopie” Palmer followed.

VMRA WVSO July 25, 2015

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A new face showed up at Wenatchee on July 25th for the seventh race of the 2015 Vintage Modified Racing season. Old timers from Spanaway Speedway might remember the name Vern Huson. Vern is campaigning a car purchased from Bobby Wheeler. Two other rookies, Arron Clother and Bill Brewer, towed from Spokane accompanied by “Rollin’” Robby Cartwright and Patrick Banks whose cars are “almost done”.

Even though the temperature was mildly cool in the low 80s, the track was slick due to oil left from the previous week’s misadventures.  The track crew worked diligently to prepare the racing surface while the racers struggled to find the adjustments that would make for fast lap times.  Devin Eierman’s car suffered engine failure during hot laps and Arron Clother’s bad luck continued when his shifter came unbolted on his first attempt to time in and the subsequent effort resulted in a blown engine. Robert Rux got it right and laid down the fast time of 14.56.

The trophy dash was lead off by Mike Clother on the pole flanked by John Mustered in the #23 car on loan from Chuck Peterson. Bobby Wheeler and Rux followed. The sun came out just in time to blind the drivers as they raced down the back straightaway into turn 3. That proved to be too much for Clother who faded to the rear as Mustered took his loaner car to the checkered flag and captured the trophy.

The heat race would have had Bill Brewer starting on the pole but he opted to start in the rear turning the pole over to Vern Huson on his maiden voyage. Beside him was veteran Vintage Modified racer Dave Trapp. Mustered and Clother comprised the second row with Wheeler, Rux and Brewer behind. In only 8 laps Rux worked his way to the lead and took the win followed closely by Wheeler and Huson.

The 30 lap main would not be the usual caution free race that the Vintage Modifieds have become accustom too. Once again Brewer opted to drop to the rear allowing Huson to take the pole position. This time Mustered pushed him into the lead but contact on the first lap resulted in a punctured radiator on Mustered’s car that ended his race and sent Clother to the pits to get his windshield cleared of coolant. Huson kept the lead on the restart as Clother rejoined the competition one lap down. Again the caution flew. With the cars back in a group Huson had a good start and held off the attacks of Rux and Wheeler who’s car seemed to be less than stellar and finally turned into the pits with a failed clutch. Rux was now alone working to pass the new comer. As he dove below Huson exiting turn two Huson held his position and Rux got his left wheels down on the grassy infield resulting in a slow spin that brought out the third caution and relegated Rux to the rear of the field. Clother continued racing as if he was on the lead lap and worked his way to the position right behind leader Huson. As the laps wore down Huson’s car began to slow in the turns, the result of a loss of air in the right front tire. Rux took advantage passing both Clother and Huson to take over the lead with less than 5 laps remaining. Trapp followed him into second place. Clother, still racing as if he was on the lead lap, was able to regroup, passing the crippled car of Huson and setting sights on Trapp and Rux.  Clother got by Trapp but was unable to pass the leader to un-lap himself before the checkered flag flew for Rux. Trapp took second followed by Huson who led the most laps had a chance to win at his first race if not for a few pounds of air. Brewer held on to finish fourth.

Rux had a perfect night, completing the sweep, Fast time, heat race and main event wins. He earned maximum points for the event thus closing the gap between him and season point leader Wheeler. It ain’t over yet Bobby.

The next race is August 8th at Evergreen Speedway. It should be a good one.