Devin Eierman #6-car – Vince Conwell #27-car – Robert Rux #88-car took 1st, 2nd and 3rd

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Thank you to Charles Schwab Financial Consultants for sponsoring our September 2nd race at Evergreen Speedway in Monroe.  For financial consulting needs contact Charles Schwab directly, for contact information CLICK HERE.

Devin Eierman in the #6-car won the 8-lap, A-Heat race; as-well-as, first place in the 30-lap Main Event.  The Main Event was a little crazy with several cautions all before the 12-lap.  Devin takes home yet another 1st place trophy.  Devin Eierman and the #6-team moves into first place with a total of 666-points.  This has been an amazing season for the #6-team.


Vince Conwell drove the 27-car and took 2nd place in the Main Event and 2nd place in the A-Heat race.  The 27-team moves into 2nd place with a total of 664-points. There was a huge turnout to watch Vince race Saturday night. Thank you to the family and friends that came to cheer-on and support the 27-team.


Robert Rux in the 88-car took 3rd place in the Main Event and 4th in the A-Heat race. What an exciting night for the 88-team, running a partial season this year, taking home a 3rd place trophy made it a great night.  Robert Rux is currently in 8th-place with a total of 350-points.  Congratulations to Robert Rux and the 88-team.


Chris Cook in the #1-car took 4th place in Main Event and 3rd in the B-Heat race.  This moves Chris into 4th place with a total of 507-points.  Congratulations to the #1-team.


Adam Bragdon in the #28-car came in 5th place in the Main Event and 4th in the B-Heat race.  Adam in 6th place with a total of 470-points. This is Adam’s second year racing with Vintage Modifieds, he was Rookie of the Year in 2016.


Vern Huson in the #77-car took 1st place in the B-Heat race.  Vern, unfortunately, was unable to finish the Main Event race; he ran out of gas. However, he did receive 6th place points for the Main.  Dang, what a night. Vern is currently in 3rd place with a total of 602-points.  Vern has made every race this season, driving all the way from Wenatchee.


Rick Villard in the #2-car had a very unfortunate night of racing. Even though he came in 3rd place for the A-Heat race he was unable to finish the Main Event. He got into a tangle with the 18-car and had to be towed off the track. What a shame! He did, however, receive 7th-place points for the Main Event. Rick is in 11th place with a total of 251-points. Picture below are the photos taken at the last Evergreen Race where Rick had a winning evening.


Shane Conway in the #12-car also had to leave the track during the Main Event race, he car started smoking so he drove it off the track.  Shane took 5th place in the B-Heat and received 8th-place points for Main Event.  Shane is 15th place with a total of 122-points.


Dominick Hunter in the 18-car took 2nd in the B-Heat and last in the Main Event. Dominick currently holds 9th place and has a total of 298-points.


  Thank you to our 2017 Season Sponsors:
Bath Fitter – Jeremy Nichols – 253/278-2047
Charles Schwab – 253/274-9996
2BROS Construction – 360/449-2787
Ikes Auto Repair – 360/870-5146
Pizza Time of Puyallup 253/841-9515
Delta Camshaft – 251/383-4152
Stream-Line Auto Body – 253/376-1917
Jim Jones Trucking
Wenatchee Valley Super Oval
Evergreen Speedway

The last race of the season will be September 16th at South Sound Speedway.

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