Driver Review – Henry Weichel #99

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You all remember the story about Henry’s 1941 Vintage in the making.  Well
Henry made it to the track and took 1st in the heat race May 9th at South Sound Speedway.

A Vintage Modified in the making. Owner of car #99, Henry Weichel, joined VMRA this year and plans to have his car out on the track for the 2009 racing season. As you can see, putting together a Vintage Modified is a lot of time, money, patience and love for the sport.


This Vintage is a 1941 Chevrolet with a 350 engine. Henry, friends and family are all pitching in to put this Chevy on the track for the 2009 racing season.

Henry started racing in 1997 with Legends (semi-pro). He joined VMRA because it looked like a lot of fun and an affordable class to race with. Good luck Henry and we all look forward to racing with you next year.

Race fans, stay posted as Henry sends in more photos of this 1941 Chevy and the progress he, his family and his friends make throughout the year as they ready this Vintage for the 2009 racing season. For more information about car #99 and driver Henry go to the Drivers Bios page, scroll down until you see #99 – Henry Weichel.


We hope to see (and hear) all you race fans as we turn out June 13th at South Sound Speedway in Tenino. For more information about South Sound Speedway go to our Tracks & Sponsors page and click on the South Sound Speedway link. Upcoming is a lot more exciting racing, and the challenge, as several teams are anticipating the next win and the race towards the year end championship!

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