Evergreen Speedway – August 19th – Main Even Winners – Devin Eierman 1st – Ken Kaltschmidt 2nd – Rick Villard 3rd

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First I must report, I lost my camera that have all the August 19th pictures. So I apologize for the lack of current pictures.  With that said….

Racing at Evergreen Speedway was an interesting evening to say the least.  We had a pretty good turn out. Twelve teams showed-up to race; unfortunately, one team trailered early due to hitting the wall during practice. What a shame!

Devin Eierman #6 car and pit crew had another incredible evening, taking 1st place in the Main Event and 3rd in the A-Heat race.  Devin had to work hard for the Main Event win, Kyten Jones in the #30-car had the lead and was very fast making it hard to catch him. Kyten had both Devin and Ken Kaltschmidt in the #27-car hot on his heels. Congratulations Devin and his pit crew, Vince Hose and his father Robert Eierman.  A very special thank you to MariAnn, Devin’s wife and his mom Faith.  Also, thank you to the #6-team’s sponsors #1 Sponsor is Mom, Transmission Sales & Service.  Devin Eierman is currently in 2nd place with a total of 586-points.


Ken Kaltschmidt in the 27-car didn’t make it easy for Devin to take home the 1st place trophy.  It was a battle between Ken and Devin to get around Kyten. These 3-drivers were all very close in speed.  Ken came in 2nd place in the Main Event and 5th in the A-Heat race. Ken’s crew cheif, Vince Conwell, also took home a Main Event trophy at the last Evergreen Speedway Race. Congratulations Ken and Vince for a great evening of racing.  Ken is currently  in 1st place with a total 589-points.


Rick Villard in the #2-car also had an amazing night of racing, taking home the Main Event 3rd place trophy and coming in 2nd for the A-Heat race. This is Rick’s first season with Vintage Modifieds and his car is a 1947 Ford with a 358 Engine.  I must apologize at this time for lacking information and not having pictures. I will make this right when I find my camera. However, Rick is currently in 12th place with a total 184-points.


Mike Clother in the #7-car took 4th place in the Main Event and 4th in the A-Heat race.  Mike did an amazing job staying out of the craziness of the cautions during the Main Event. By lap-8 of the Main Event there were several cautions, at least five. The fans were expecting the race to be called.  But with determination, Mike kept up his pace, stayed out of trouble and came in 4th.  Mike is no stranger to taking home trophies from Evergreen Speedway, he has collected his fair share. Thank you to Mikes sponsor, Bowtie Performance (Power) – 253/862-4159.  Mike has 7-VMRA championships under his belt. Mike is in 4th place with a total of 489-points.

Kyten Jones in the #30-car had the lead in the Main Event, not making it easy for Devin and Ken to get by him. Kyten spun out in the Main Event, the tire smoke and dust was so thick you couldn’t see his car. Making it hard for the drivers to safely get around him. No one was hurt and Kyten finished the Main Event in 5th place and he came 1st in the B-Heat.  Kyten has also taken home trophies from Evergreen Speedway in the past.  Thank you to Kytens sponsors, Benchmark Barrels – www.benchmark-barrels.com – Arlington, WA – Berg’s Custom Cylinder Heads – Arlington, WA – Jay’s Automotive – Everett, WA – Dillon Trucking – Arlington, WA.  Kyten is currently in 7th place with a total of 406-points.

Vern Huson in the #77-Car drives all the way from Wenatchee to make every race and he is currently in 3rd place with a total of 536-points.  Vern came in 6th place in the Main Event and 2nd place in the B-Heat race. This is Vern’s second year racing with Vintage Modifieds.  Vern races in a 1939 Chevy Coupe. Thank you to Kim and Dale Wehnerberg, pit crew.  Thank you to Vern’s sponsor, Johnson Electric – Wenatchee, WA.


Adam Bragdon in the #28-car was Rookie of the Year in 2016.  Adam races in a 1941 Plymouth.  He is currently in 6th place with a total of 407-points.  Adam took 7th place in the Main Event and 4th place in the B-Heat race.  Adam calls out a special “Thank You” to Bob Fulmer, Dawn Huntley, Bob Monroe and All the fans that come out and spend their hard earned money to watch us race.  Thank you to Adam’s sponsors and pit crew, Danelle Knapp of Perfectly Posh and my MOM – Julie Phelps.



Shane Conway in the #12-car is sponsored by Charles Schwab Financial Consultants – 253- 274-9996.  This is the first year Shane is racing with Vintage Modifieds.  Shane came in 8th place in the Main Event and 5th place in the B-Heat race. Shane is currently in 17th place with 64-points.


Chris Cook in the #1-car comes all the way from Port Angeles to race with Vintage Modifieds.  He came in 9th place in the Main Event and 6th place in the B-Heat race. Chris races in a 1941 Hudson that was built and sponsored by Jim Jones/Jim Jones Trucking.  Even though this is his first year with Vintage Modifieds, Chris has been racing since 1976.  He has 82 amazing wins since 1976! Chris is in 5th place with a total of 440-points.


Dominick Hunter races in a 1941 Chevy Sedan. This is his first year with Vintage Modified. This young rookie shows great sportsmanship and shows a lot of promise. He races with heart. Keep your eye on this rookie. He came in 10th place in the Main Event and 5th place in the B-Heat race. Dominick is currently in 9th place with a total of 278-points. He is sponsored by Pacific Kai Homes, Rears and Gears and Westbay.  Dominick calls out a special thank you too,  Alex Lajoie, Sam Rickmar and Jakob Wittig.  West Sound Technical School, Mr. Z and everybody in the class of 2016.


Robert Rux in the #88-car is in 8th place with a total of 285-points. He has ran a partical season this year, blew his engine at the first race. 2Brothers Construction sponsored an engine for the 88-team so he could finish this season. He wasn’t able to finish the Main Event, when the 30-car spun out the cloud of tire smoke and dust was so thick you couldn’t even see his car. Unfortunately, Robert trying to avoid a wreck clipped the 30-car and broke the stearing arm on his spindal and was not able to complete the Main Event. He did take 1st place in the A-Heat race and last in points for he Main Event.  Thank you to the #88-teams sponsors, STICKERBOYZZZ Discount Lettering – stickerboyzzz@comcast.net ,  Gary “Tugs” Tugby – Ft. Lauderdale, FL, Visual Options – Tacoma – 253/472-1440 (tinted windshields ask for Jon), Sentenial Law Group – P.C., My Three Sons. LLS, SYNAPSE Films, Micki Rux, wife and financial backer


I must say, if it wasn’t for bad luck Chuck Peterson in the 23-car wouldn’t have any luck at all. Every race he showed up for this season, his car either broke or wrecked and he would end up putting it on the trailer. Very disapointing for the 23-team. Chuck is a founding member for Vintage Modifieds. Chuck firsr began racing in 1969. Thank you to his sponsors, West Bay NAPA Auto Parts and Kitsap Tractor.



  Thank you to our 2017 Season Sponsors:
Bath Fitter – Jeremy Nichols – 253/278-2047
Charles Schwab – 253/274-9996
2BROS Construction – 360/449-2787
Ikes Auto Repair – 360/870-5146
Pizza Time of Puyallup 253/841-9515
Delta Camshaft – 251/383-4152
Stream-Line Auto Body – 253/376-1917
Jim Jones Trucking
Wenatchee Valley Super Oval
Evergreen Speedway

Our next race will be at Evergreen Speedway in Monre on September 2nd.  This race will be sponsored by Carles Schwab. The Evergreen Fair will be going on so plan on a very fun day of play at the fair and cheering your teams on at the race.

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