Evergreen Speedway August 7, 2021 / Rick Villyard 1st / Steve Woods 2nd / Vince Conwell 3rd

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What a great turn out on Saturday at Evergreen Speedway August 7th.  Fifteen cars showed-up for a great evening of racing.  The evening was unpredictable,  with the schedule changing several times throughout the evening and the rain coming down, the schedule changed to having only the Main Event for Vintage Modifieds.  Unfortunately for Vern Huson #77, his car broke and Brian Cottrell #10 pulled out once the rain steadily came down. So 13-cars ventured out for the 30-lap Main Event.

Rick Villyard #2 took the lead after several laps and a caution, winning the 30-lap Main Event and taking home the 1st place trophy. This moves Rick into 4th place with a total of 309-points. Congratulations Rick!


Steve Woods #22 started in the back of the line-up and worked his way up and getting into 2nd place. It was touch and go between several cars for 2nd, but Steve crossed over and took the 2nd place trophy.  Steve is also in 2nd place with a total of 337-points.  Great job Steve!


-Vince Conwell #47 battled for 3rd place in the Main Event. And Vince is currently in 3rd place in points, giving him a total of 325-points.  Vince teams up with Ken Kaltschmidt. Congratulations!


Thank you to all the teams that showed up to race on Saturday, even with the chance of a rainout. 

Kyten Jones #30 is currently in 1st place with points, ending his evening with a total of 341-points.  Ed Beck #15 is in 5th place with a total of 298-points.


Robert Rux #88 holds 6th place with a total of 214-points and Mitch Woods #37 is in 7th place with a total of 213-points.


Kahl Cheth #23 holds 8th place with a total of 209-points and Shane Strimple #28 is in 9th place and a total of 205-points.

George Chambers #24 holds 12th place with 117-points and Randy Adams is in 15th place with 92-points.


Vern Huson #77 holds 17th place with a total of 40-points and Jason Quatsoe #8 is in 18th place with a total of 35-points.


Todd McCartney #51x  is in 19th place with 32-points and Brian Cottrell #10 holds 20th place with 20-points.


Thank you one and all for putting on a great show at Evergreen Speedway.


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