May 21, 2022 / Evergreen Speedway Results

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Another great turn out for an evening of racing at Evergreen Speedway.  We had 14-cars showing up, but unfortunately only 11-cars finished the Main Event.  

Steve Woods #22 took first place in the 30-lap Main Event and second place in the 8-lap A-Heat Race.  There was a lot of action during the Main Event. Several top cars pushing for first place. Never a dull moment with Vintage Modifieds. Congratulations Steve and to his lovely wife Becca.


Second place for the Main Event is Vince Conwell in the #82 car.  Vince took fourth place in the A-Heat race.  Vince has been racing since 1985, and racing with VMRA since 2017. 

Kyten Jones #30 took home the third-place trophy for the Main Event and sixth place for the A-Heat race. Kyten is off to a great start for 2022, this is his second main event trophy for this season. 


Kahl Cheth #23 took fourth place in the Main Event and fifth place in the A-Heat race. This is Kahl’s second year racing with VMRA and his first race of season 2022.  Kahl and Mike at our 2021 banquet, Kahl receiving his first VMRA trophy. 

Jason Quatso #8 came in fifth place in the Main Event. He’s currently in 7th place in points.  Jason started racing in 2002 with the Sky Valley Stock w/WWRA class.  He began racing with VMRA in 2021. 

Shane Stimple #57 is 5th place in points.  Shane took sixth place in the Main Event and third place in the A-Heat race. Shane is off to a great start for 2022. Shane took 7th place in his 2021 rookie year with VMRA.

Todd McCartney #92 has been racing with Vintage Modified since 1996.  He took seventh place in the Main Event and forth place in the B-Heat race.  Todd is 6th place in points. 

Randy Adams #65 is in 12th place in points. His first year in racing was 2021 with VMRA.  He took eight place in the Main Event and third in the B-Heat.

Vern Huson #77 took ninth place in the Main Event and fifth place in the B-Heat race. Vern began racing in in 1964 and came to VMRA in 2015.  He lives in Wenatchee, but tries to make every race. In 2021 Vern received the ‘Hard Luck Award’.

Mike Clother #7 began racing in 1981 with Demo derby, on Mother’s Day.  He won a trophy and was hooked.  Mike took tenth in the Main Event and second in the B-Heat race.  He began racing with VMRA in 1995.  He thought they were fast and cool, great racers. 

Brian Contrell #10 took first place in A-Heat race. A bit of bad luck in the Main, not finishing the Main but still received points and eleventh place position.  This is Brian’s second year with VMRA.


Rick Villyard #2 spun out in the A-Heat race, hitting the wall and ending his evening of racing.  Robert Rux #88 broke during the hot laps and was unable to participate in the evening of racing.  Jason Quatso #8 was not able to time-in, which put him in the back of the line-up.  Brian Contrell #10 spun out in the Main Event, coming off turn four and just before turn one. Hit the wall and was unable to complete the Main Event. 






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