Evergreen Speedway / Sunday / August 28th

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We had a 14-car turn out for the Evergreen Speedway race on Sunday, August 28th.  The grandstand was packed. The fans were loud. The cheering from the crowd was an exciting sound.

The race for 1st place in the 30-lap Main Event was an exciting show.  There was a wreck on the first lap, which cause a red flag. A few more laps into the Main Event the 23-car had to be towed off the track. And yet a few more laps into the Main Even both the 10-car and the 37-car left the track due to car issues.

Congratulations to Kyten Jones for taking home the 1st place trophy. It was an exciting day for Kyten, his family, friends and the cheering fans as Kyten was the first to cross the finish line, receiving the checkered flag and 1st place trophy.

Vince Conwell in the 82-car took 2nd place in the Main Event. It was a close race for 2nd and 3rd. But Vince stayed steady and crossed the finish line and taking home the 2nd place trophy. 

Devin Eierman in the 6-car was on the heels of Vince for 2nd place but crossed the finish line in 3rd place. It was such a close race, seconds count when you are racing at top speeds.

Brian Contrell 10-car took home 1st place in the 8-lap A-Heat race and Robert Rux 88-car took home 1st place in the 8-lap B-Heat race.  Congratulations to both teams.

A huge thank you to all the teams who turned out to race on Sunday, August 28th.  Steve Woods #22, Jason Quatso #8, Shane Strimple #57, Kahl Cheth #23, Rick Villyard #2, Mike Clother #7, Randy Adams #65, Mitch Woods #37, and Todd McCartney #92

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