Fourth Place goes to the “Kid”, Kiel Hobbs car #47

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The “KID”, Kiel Hobbs car #47, took 4th place at the end of the 2008 racing season. Unfortunately, Kiel was unable to attend the banquet and claim his trophy so Micki Rux, board secretary, was happy to stand in for him. Congratulations Kiel, you give the fans a good show and you deserve this win.

Kiel held his ground throughout the season, steady at the wheel, with a third place trophy during mid-season. The Kid started racing in 1998 with the Compact division. He has come a long way since then. Kiel is very competitive, racing with his whole heart and when he is behind the wheel of his Dodge, they become one. No one has ever been able to drive that Dodge with the skill and grace that Kiel has. He has gotten the best performance out of his car than any sub-driver ever has. He is fun to watch and gives the fans something worth cheering about. Kiel is pictured below, second to the right, the young good looking Kid!

Deciding he wanted to ‘Ride a V-8’, Kiel came to Vintage Modified in 2004. He has 5-career wins and his favorite tracks are All the ones He wins at!

Kiel drives a 1936 Dodge with a 350 motor. This motor was built by Kiel, and his dad, Ray Hobbs. Ray and Kiel are co-owners of this ‘Rat Rod’ looking Modified. Racing is a family tradition for the Hobbs family. Everyone helps and supports the fun of the sport. Betty Hobbs, Kiel’s mom, is part of his pit crew, along with Ray and his good friend Travis. When asked if he had any additional comments about his car, Kiel flashed that big winning grin of his and said, “Driver sits in the back seat!”

We would now like to take the time to acknowledge and thank car #47’s sponsors. Our sponsors are always very-very appreciated. This year Fleet Forklift; Solutions; Jet city Tuning; Jim’s PMR; Cutter College & Salon Services and Big Mountain Web Design provided sponsorship to the Hobbs Racing Team.

We always like to thank our fans as well. We appreciate the steadfast support of the fans. So Thank You Race Fans! We look forward to hearing from you, in the grand stands, in season 2009.

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