In loving memory of Ken Peterson

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Ken Peterson’s memorial will be held on
Saturday, January 23rd at 1:00 pm
Immanuel Celebration Church at 9244 Pacific Ave, Tacoma WA.

There has been mention that folks will be bringing their race cars to the memorial to honor Ken’s passion for racing.

Ken Peterson passed away on January 7, 2010. He will be missed by many. Ken spent many years involved with the racing community. In his younger days, Ken spent most of his time at the race track.

Pictured below is a picture of Ken, with his little girl Helen, and the 1934 Ford Stock car that he so loved and cherished.

A few more photo’s of the 1934 Ford Stock Car that Ken loved so much.
kens-yellow-car kens-yell-car

Ken’s interest in racing began when he was only 15. At the age of 16 Ken had constructed his second stock car, a 1940 Ford. Within a few years Ken had advanced to building his first #97 car. It was a 1951 Ford hardtop, powered by a stock 1953 Mercury Flathead. He was also the driver, and made his first appearance behind its wheel in June 1964. His times were 18.91 for the 3/8 Spanaway Track, and 17.87 for Sea-Tac.

A 1953 Plymouth station wagon, continued to sport the #97. This was the only station wagon allowed to race in the ABI. In 1965 Ken joined the Army and he was forced to sell his car.

Ken did not return to racing until 1970 when he rebuilt a 1957 Chevy with a stock 283 Chevy engine. Although belonging to ARI, he raced with a group known as the “Spanaway Claimers”.

The Claimer idea had really impressed Ken very much. At the conclusion of the season Ken, an attorney and a few others formed and incorporated with the State the association known as SCAR.

Prior to the 1971 season Ken won his first trophy ever at the Tacoma Mall Car Show. This was an indication of success to follow for Ken and his 1955 Ford, equipped with stock 312 Mercury Mill. Ken won three A-Dash races and was 6th in the final point standings. His fast lap was an 18.03.

Interestingly enough, besides constructing cars, he enjoyed destroying them too! Ken was a constant entrant in destruction derby’s. Ken said, “It is a great way to get rid of frustrations.” He won two of the six derby’s he entered.

For his regular racing, Ken drove his 1958 Ford with the 312 Mercury Mill. During this time, Ken had captured one A-Dash, placed in every Main and took 4th overall in points.

Back in the day, Ken belonged to six different associations: Valley Stock Car Racing Association (Sea-Tac); Rainier Racing Association (Spanaway); WELSCAR (Sea-Tac); STAR (Sea-Tac); ARI (Spanaway) and SCAR (Spanaway).

In 1985 Ken Peterson was inducted into the Spanaway Speedway Hall of Fame. It was a great honor and a well deserved one as well.

Ken will be missed by many. If you’d like to send a card of condolence to Ken’s wife, Charlotte and their family you can send it to: VMRA PO Box 804, Puyallup WA 98371 and we will make sure they receive them. Once the memorial has been set up, a posting will be added to this page so those of you who would like to attend and pay your respects can do so.

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