Introducing Johnny ‘Lightening’ Mustered, car #26, with his 2008 year end trophy.

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Johnny Lightening came in 5th place for season 2008, ending his season with a total of 1507 points. John is positioned in the front of the photo sporting his trophy. John held his position from Mid-Season, taking home a 5th place trophy, to the end of the season in 5th place as well. John is also the VMRA Board Vice President; he is also our front runner meeting with all the track owners and officials to schedule our racing dates. With the help of his son, John also produces our fantastic racing schedule/poster. His constant dedication to Vintage Modified Racing Association is greatly appreciated by all the members. Congratulations to your trophy win and good luck for the 2009 season. John always came through this past season, a few wrecks, bumps and bruises (to his car as well as to him self) along the way, but always returned to keep the competition going on the track.

John owns and drives this 1946 Chevy Coupe with a 350 engine. John built his car, with the help of his pit crew. His car and crew are picture in this photo. Ricky D, Dan, Josh and John with his Chevy Coup displayed beside them.

John began racing in 2008 with Hobby Stock. He first came to VMRA in 2004 because he thought it was an awesome club, the biggest bang for your buck. He has career wins at South Sound Speedway, Ephrata and Port Angeles. John was the main event winner at South Sound Speedway May 25, 2008. Good Luck in Season 2009 Johnny ‘Lightening’ Mustered. We all look forward to your return.

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