Introducing Mike Smith car #50

Posted by | Posted in General | Posted on 05-08-2008

VMRA would like to introduce Mel Smith. Mel is the driver of car #50. He began racing in 1985 with Hobby car class. Mel is a great sportsman. Always ready to lend a hand when someone needs help. He comes to the track with a great attitude, for the fun of the sport and the thrill of racing.

Car #50 is a 1937 Plymouth with a 350 engine. His wonderful and very supportive wife, Rhonda, is owner of car #50. Their sponsor is Harold’s Appliance from Lacey WA. Thank you Harold’s Appliance, without sponsors we couldn’t race. So your support of Mel and Rhonda and car #50 is greatly appreciated.

Mel and Rhonda, we all look forward to seeing you in season 2009. The club appreciates your sportsmanship and fantastic attitude. Good luck Mel, in season 2009

For more information about Mel and his car, select #50 – Mel Smith from our Drivers Bios page. For more information about the clubs sponsors please select our Tracks & Sponsors page.

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