Jeff Peterson took home the 2011 Season End, Main Event Trophy at South Sound Speedway on September 24, 2011

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September 24, 2011 was a night to remember at South Sound Speedway. The weather held out and the rain did not start until long after the race ended.

There was a lot of excitement for the Peterson teams, Chuck Peterson was racing car 23 and Jeff Peterson was racing car 28 for the Vintage Modifieds; another member of the Peterson clan was also racing this night. Young Kelton Peterson was also racing at South Sound Speedway Saturday night. Kelton was in a Mercury Capri, Bumble Bee class also running with the same number as his grandfather, Chuck Peterson, number 23.

Jeff Peterson came in 5th position in the B Heat and 1st place in the Main Event. Congratulations Jeff for yet another Main Event win for Vintage Modifieds. Lower left Jeff is pictured with the trophy girl and his Main Event Trophy. Lower right Jeff is proudly pictured with his son, Chandler (on his right), his son Kelton (on his left) and his lovely daughter Courtney.

Jeff 28 jeff_kelton_trophy1

Lower left, Jeff is pictured with his children Kelton, Courtney and Chandler. This is a proud night for Jeff and Chuck Peterson; Kelton joined the Armed Forces and was leaving for the Marines on Sunday, September 25th. It was very exciting having these three men all together at South Sound Speedway. Pictured, lower right, is Kelton, the son of Jeff, and the grandson of Chuck Peterson.

jeff_kelton peterson_son_grnson_11_09

Everyone at Vintage Modified wishes you well Kelton. You will be held in our prayers for your safety and that your time in the Marines, serving our great country, will be the best years of your life.

Proudly pictured are the children of Jeff Peterson and grandchildren of Chuck and Pat Peterson – Courtney, Kelton and Chandler. A tender moment for the Peterson clan. Best wishes Kelton!


The racing season is over for the Vintage Modifieds, but the friendships live on through out the year. Thank you everyone for making this a great year of racing.

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