Jim Jones – 03, won the 30-Lap Main Event at Evergreen Speedway in Monroe on Saturday September 17th

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The rain clouds were hanging heavy overhead as all of the Vintage teams waited patiently to hit the track. Due to the high risk of rain the Vintage Modifieds Main Event was ran first, with the two heat races following.

Congratulations to Jim Jones and the 03 team for taking home the Main Event trophy from Evergreen Speedway in Monroe Saturday the 17th.

Pictured with Jim is his daughter, Laney; along with the trophy girl and yet another Main Event Trophy. jones_laney_trophy

Bob Fulmer – 75, came in second place for the Main Event. Another exciting night of racing for the Vintage Modifieds.

Bobby Wheeler – 22, came in third for the Main Event. Bobby is currently in 1st place for the 2011 Season.

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The next, and last race of 2011 season, will be at South Sound Speedway on September 24th.

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