Jim Jones takes home the Main Event Trophy from PA Speedway

Posted by | Posted in General | Posted on 08-07-2009

Jim Jones, owner and driver of the shiny black 03 car, took home the main even trophy on the 4th of July at Port Angeles Speedway.  Racing fast and hard to take the win in this 40-lap main event.

Congratulations Jim and family on this fantastic win!


John Mustered, driver and owner of car 26,  took home the trophy for the A-Trophy Dash.  Pictured with John is the trophy girl, and his lovely “bride to be” Laura.  Congratulations John to both of your trophies!


Robert Rux, driver and half owner of car 88, took home the trophy for the B-Trophy dash.  Robert also won the B-Heat Dash.  Congratulations Robert Rux on these two wins of the evening.  Robert also lead several laps of the main event.


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