Johnny ‘Lightgening’ Mustered takes home 3rd place for the 2013 Season

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It was a fantastic year for Johnny ‘Lightening’ Mustered, driving the 26-car, ending his 2013 season with a total of 453 points and taking home the 3rd place trophy.   John was in 6th place mid-season.  He was tied for 3rd place, with Robert Rux in the 88-car, and drove his way into the final 3rd place for the season.

Congratulations to John and the 26-team.  Once ‘Lightening’ struck, he struck twice.  Taking home the 1st place trophies at the last two Evergreen Speedway races in Monroe.

The first picture with John is his son, dad and of course the lovely trophy girl. Making that 3-generations of John Mustereds!  The second picture is another win at Evergreen Speedway.


John’s car is a 1941 Chevy with a 350 Engine built by Jim Jones.   Thank you to John’s sponsor, Poulsbo RV of Auburn.


Enjoy the video of the last race at Evergreen Speedway, Click Here, for your viewing pleasure.

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