June 20 at SS Speedway

Posted by | Posted in General | Posted on 22-06-2009

Kevin Rinkel #38, once again won the trophy at the main event on Saturday June 20th.   Once he took the lead there was no turning back, off he went towards the trophy.

Congratulations Kevin for your second main event win for the 2009 season.


For the rest of the story, select our Newsletter page and then click on the ‘June 20, 2009 was a Rainy-Race-Day for Vintage Modifieds!’ link.  Mike Clother has written-up a fantastic re-cap of the evening.

Our next race will be at Port Angeles Speedway on July 4th. For more information about all of our upcoming races and events just check out our Racing Schedule and Events page.

Thank you Sponsors, Family and Friends and our Fans.

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