Ken Kaltschmidt 1st place – Devin Eierman 2nd place – Jim Jones 3rd place

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Mt. Man, dedicated to Vintage Modified and our Country. Sporting the United States Flag, waving it proudly as he supports not only our teams, but the Late Models as well.  Mt. Man Ken, recovering from stage 4 cancer is always offering up help, the teams tire guy.  Josh from the 26-team lending a hand to Mt. Man.



There was such a great turn-out for the race at Spokane Super Oval Speedway. The Vintage Modified’s pits made a great impression.


It was a very windy and cold night of racing at Spokane Super Oval Speedway on Saturday night, April 21st, 2018.  There was a great turn-out of 14-cars. They ran an 8-lap Heat Race, a 4-lap Trophy Dash and a 20-lap Main Event.

Nine cars hit the track to race in the Main Event. Congratulations to Ken Kaltschmidt for his first Vintage Modified, 1st place Main Event trophy win.  Devin Eierman, our 2016 and 2017 Champion took home the 2nd place trophy and Jim Jones the 3rd place trophy. There were several cautions throughout the evening. All-in-all it was a fun, clean night of racing.

Ken Kaltschmidt in the 27-car took home the 1st place trophy. And what a trophy it is, huge. It was a good race for 1st place. Twenty years ago Ken won 1st place at this very same track, below are his two trophies. Congratulations for your first win with Vintage Modified Racing Association.


Devin Eierman in the 6-car and Jim Jones in the 03-car put up a big challenge towards 1st place. Devin took home 2nd and Jim took home 3rd. Congratulations to these three teams. It is a great start for the 2018 racing season.



Kyten Jones in the 30-car and Vern Huson in the 77-car won the A and B Trophy dashes.


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