Main Event 1st place was J. Peterson 28, 2nd place was J. Mustered 32 and 3rd place was R. Rux 88. Congratulations to each!

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It was quite a night of racing on Saturday June 2nd at Evergreen Speedway in Monroe. There was a big wreck on turn 1, first lap, of the Main Event. Drivers and cars involved were C. Peterson 23, B. Wheeler, Jr. 22 and J. Jones 13 who was driving for car owner Carabello. The wreck was bad enough it brought out the red flag. Thank goodness no drivers were hurt or injured in this wreck. Unfortunately I can not say the same for their cars, they did not make it back out to finish the Main Event.


However, as the race continued J. Peterson 28 came in 1st place and received another Main Event trophy; putting him in 2nd place with 210 points.
jeff-28-_-wvs-20111 28-trophy1

J. Mustered was driving the 32 car for owner L. Schmidt, passing R. Rux 88 and taking 2nd place. Placing the 32 car in 10th place with 68 points.
32 32-trophy2

R. Rux 88 came in 3rd place during the Main Event; however he came in 1st place for the Heat Race. This puts R. Rux in 5th place with 169 points.
R Rux 88 Evergreen 2012 trophy-881

The next race will be at June 16th at South Sound Speedway.

Everyone is hoping C. Peterson 23 who is currently in 4th place with 189 points, B. Wheeler, Jr. 22 currently in 1st place with 231 points and J. Jones 13 currently in 7th place with 127 points all make it and have a better night of racing.

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