May 12th Grays Harbor Speedway

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VMRA May 12, 2018 Elma

This report is from one racer’s perspective, mine, Mike Clother, Vintage Mod member for too many years.  The dirt at Elma was a new challenge and was met with great anticipation. There was no practice and only one session of track packing done at parade speed.  There were two “hot lap” sessions of 5 cars each.  This driver tried to keep up with fast time setter Jim Jones and was surprised to log third fast time. It turns out some of our group didn’t realize “hot laps” were actually time trials.

I didn’t get to see the B heat race due to waiting in line for the A heat.  Vern Huson won that race followed by John Mustered.

I’m not sure who won the A even though I was in that race.  The sun was so bright and right in our faces that I really only saw the back of Devin Eierman’s car which I tried unsuccessfully to pass until I finally made a fantastic attempt only to find the race had already ended. Sorry about the love tap Devin.  I know I was last and Devin was 4th.

All ten cars in attendance were able to start our 25 lap main. Kyten Jones started on the pole with me to the right. Jim Jones was behind his son and Ken Kaltschmidt was behind me.  I got a great jump on the start and lead the field done the back stretch.  Darn!!! The yellow flag flew for a spun out car.  I knew I wouldn’t be able jump Kyten again.  I was correct. A little bump mid turn sent me up into the slippery stuff where I slogged along until the entire group passed me.  Now it was time to have some fun.  I was able to catch and pass Robert Rux who was stressing out over a loose rear wheel that he was sure was going to fall off at any minute.  It took a while to get around Dave Trapp, I finally got him.  Along the way Chris Cook spun once. He later spun again exiting turn 4 with me in hot pursuit. I had a flash back of drilling him in the door during a similar spin at another track.  I slowed and watched as Chris hit a large tire and pushed it directly into my path.  Luckily it was a light one and my bumper was up to the task. Another yellow. On the restart I followed Eireman as he tried to pass Huson.  Then we were caught by Jim Jones and Kaltschmidt who were dueling for first place. I let them both go by hoping to be able to follow them around Eireman and Huson.  It was about then that cars started breaking.  Mustered’s suffered a broken right real spring bracket.  A couple of cars, including mine, ran over his spring. On the restart Huson’s car broke a rear suspension tube which led to a broken drive line that punched its way into his cockpit. Thankfully it missed him.  Only 5 laps to go and fast guy Jones’ car started shooting sparks from a broken pan hard bar. He headed for the pits. Hey, with all the drop outs I was in 4th place. If I could just get around Devin I could be top 3.  Fortunately for me, his car got tight at the same time mine got better. I got to his high side in turn 3 and was able to complete the pass on the front straightaway with two laps to spare.  Kaltschmidt took the win, this is his second in the young, two race season. Kyten Jones was second with me and Eierman in 3rd and 4th.

In spite of the heat, the rough track, and the hard racing everyone seemed to have a good time playing in the dirt.

There is a lot of work for everyone to do before our next race in Wenatchee May 19th.

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