Mike Clother in the 1948 Blue Buick ended his 2013 Season in 2nd place with Vintage Modifieds

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A very proud night for car owner, Jacque Clother, as her husband and driver of the 7-car received the 2nd place trophy at the 2013 season end banquet.  Congratulations to the 7-team!


Mike, aka  Jeckyll & Hyde, had a great season ending the year with 471 points.  Racing for 1st place was back and forth for a couple of teams, but coming in 2nd is a great way to end the season. 

This beautiful 1948 Buick runs a 355 engine.  Mike began his racing hobby   with the Demo derby on Mother’s Day 1981, he won a trophy and was hooked.  His first car class was Hobby Stocks, racing at Spanaway Speedway back in the day.  His first year with the Vintage Modifieds was in 1995, because they are Fast and cool, great racers, even has the best fans.

You put on a great show for the fans Mike!


Thank you to Mike and Jacque’s sponsors:  Bowtie Performance (Power) – 253/862-4159 and Carburation Technology – 253/472-9667.

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