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Modified racing is one of the oldest types of racing in the US, dating back to the days of the post-World War II coupes. Modified racing began as race drivers modified their cars to gain a competitive advantage over their fellow competitors. What started out as minor modifications to the cars has now grown to the point that some modified classes are no longer based on any current production vehicles. NASCAR was instrumental in modified racing's beginnings. Some of NASCAR's pioneers were veteran modified racers long before NASCAR's inception in 1949.

2022 Trophy Presentations and Celebrations

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Steve Woods #22 takes home his second Championship, two years in a row.  What a fantastic year for Steve and his team. Steve and Beca were unable to attend the season end banquet so his parents, John and Lamora, accepted his first-place trophy for 2022.

All fun set aside; Steve Woods had a great 2022 season. Started in the back of the line-up many times and put his awesome driving skills to good use and took home many 1st place trophies.  Congratulations Steve and team for another excellent racing season.


Vince Conwell #82 also won two trophies this year, second place and for Sportsmanship. It was so appreciated that Vince, and his amazing wife Deanna, drove 2000 miles round trip to pick up and deliver tires that were needed for the 2022 season. Vince always has the right hand of fellowship out for his peers. That wonderful Sportsmanship trophy was made by Rick Villyard. 


Jason Quatsoe #8 had a great season, coming in 3rd place and taking home the Best Appearing Car Trophy for 2022.  One of his peers said, “He did a great job rebuilding the old gal.” His car is always clean and looking sharp. Jason began racing in 2002 with the Sky Valley Stock w/WWRA.  Began racing with VMRA in 2021.



Shane Strimple #57 came in 4th place, as-well-as, receiving the Most Improved Driver Award for 2022, voted by his peers.  It was said that “After only two seasons he drives like a veteran.” Shane began racing with VMRA in 2021. He has awesome support from his wife Stephanie.  


Kahl Cheth #23 had a great year and has 5th place for season 2022.  Kahl began racing in 2013 with the Hornets, he began racing with VMRA in 2021.  His car was built by John Woods, John is also his crew chief. 

Micki Rux has been a volunteer for VMRA since 2005. She has been a devoted board member all but three years since then.  She was voted in as Most Inspirational, Non-Driver.  Her peers commented that, “She keeps our clubs’ best interests at heart and cooks great food”

Mike Clother #7 began racing with Vintage Modified in 1995. He’s been on the board most of that time, wearing a couple different hats; Treasurer, Vice President and President. Thank you, Mike, for your several years volunteering at VMRA.  He has several championships throughout his racing time with VMRA. This year he came in 6th place.

Kyten Jones #30 grew up in a racing family. He was the season champion in 2019. Following in his dad’s footsteps, who had many championships under his belt. Kyten raced a partial season this year, coming in 7th place.  Kyten was unable to attend the 2022 banquet. 

Randy Adams #65 had a very interesting year with Vintage Modified Racing Association.  Taking home 8th place, as well-as the Hard Luck Trophy (trophy designed and made by Rick Villyard)!  Randy faced a few struggles, he had a medical emergency that kept him from starting the main event in Hermiston, Oregon. Randy begged the track EMTs to let him race before they transported him to the hospital.  He always showed up to put on a great show for the fans.  Unfortunately, Randy was not able to attend the banquet.


Robert Rux #88 took 9th place racing a partial season in 2022.  Robert has been racing with Vintage Modified since 1999.  Over the years he’s received trophies for Hard Luck and Best Appearing car. In remembrance of Mountain Man, Ken Jackson, pictured in neon 88.


Devin Eierman #6, also raced a partial season with Vintage Modified in 2022, taking home the 10th place trophy.  However, he has six championships with Vintage Modified. 

2022 Celebration Banquet

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A very lovely evening for Vintage Modified Racing Association, celebrating their 2022 Racing Season Banquet.  First of all, thank you to Vince and Deanna Conwell for opening their amazing, beautiful home to VMRA for the banquet celebration.

Deanna provided a beautifully decorated room for the teams to meet, greet, eat and celebrate. Spend time with families, friends and racing teams.


2022 Racing Teams and Families

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A fun year with great teams. Good fellowship. Awesome racing. Wonderful families and friends.







Tri-City Fall Classic

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A wonderful evening of racing on Saturday, October 1st, at the Tri-City Fall Classic.  Fourteen car count. Thirty-Five laps for the Main Event.  

The top 3-cars sped away at the start with Chad Broom #23x taking the lead over Steve Woods #22, then followed by Vince Conwell #82.  The first, second and third place trophies are amazing.

Congratulations to Chad Broom #23x taking first place.

Steve Woods #22 had the lead for several laps, coming in 2nd place.

Vince Conwell #82 took home the 3rd place trophy.  

Kahl Cheth #23 had some trouble in the Main Event with the rear suspension component coming loose, causing him to spin-out, involving Kyten Jones #30. Those two went to the pits for repairs.  Luckily enough they both returned 8-laps later to finish the race, Kahl came in 8th and Kyten came in 9th.  Photos for these two are from previous wins.

  Thank you to all of the teams that showed up to race at the Tri-City Fall Classic. Chad Broom #23x, Steve Woods #22, Vince Conwell #82, Devin Eierman #6, Shane Strimple #57, Ed Beck #15, Jason Quatsoe #8, Dave Trapp #51, Kahl Cheth #23, Kyten Jones #30, Randy Adams #65, Eric McClain #12, Vern Huson #77 and Mike Clother #7.


Thank you, Steve Woods, for sharing your photos with me, to be posted on the website. If anyone else has photos you’d like posted, please eMail them to me.

Wenatchee Valley Super Oval / Last Points Race of the 2022 Season

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Congratulations to the first, second and third place winners of the 30-lap Main Event. Everyone put on a great racing performance. 

Devin Eierman #6 crossed the finish line in first place. Devin ends his season in 10th place with a total of 295-points. Devin’s pit crew is Vince Hose and his wonderful father Robert Eierman.

Vince Conwell #82 came in second place in the Main Event.  Vince ends his season in second place with a total of 566-points. Vince pit crew is Jim Shaw.

Kahl Chet #23 took home the third-place trophy in the Main Event and the first-place trophy in the A-Heat race. Wow! What a night for Kahl. Pictured with Kahl is his crew chief, John Woods and his family members Steve and Becca Woods.  In the trophy photo with Kahl is his very sweet girlfriend, Cassidy.   Kahl ends his season in 5th place with a total of 457-points.

Shane Strimple in the #8-car took first place in the B-Heat race. Shane is in 4th place and ends his season with a total of 495-points.  Pictured with Shane is very lovely family, his wife Stephanie, oldest daughter Regan, youngest daughter Hadley.