Paul Field – Car 21 – Takes Home the Main Event Trophy at Yakima Speedway – on Saturday Night – August 3, 2013

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Another win and another first place Main Event trophy for the 21-team on Saturday night, August 3rd.  It was an exciting night for Paul and his family as he and his children, and of course the very lovely trophy girls,  stood proudly for the camera sporting the Main Event trophy. Congratulations Paul, this is your season!  Thank you to Paul Field’s sponsors – Rears  Gears and West Bay Auto Parts – Port Orchard, WA.



Jeff Peterson, driving the 23-car, was hot on Paul’s tail and came in second place in the Main Event.  Chuck Peterson, Jeff’s dad, was very proud as-well-as excited as Jeff sped past the checkered flag.  Congratulations to the 23-Peterson team.  Thank you to the sponsors of the 23-team, Westbay Auto Parts and 911 Driving School – Port Orchard


Robert Rux in the 88-car was also pushing for the Main Event trophy.  He led the first few laps and came in third place.  Robert had several fans cheering him on Saturday night.  Congratulations to the 88-team.  Thank you to the 88-team sponsors – SYNAPSE FILMS, STICKERBOYZZZ Discount Lettering, Recessed Cutting Boards, Visual Options, Bumpy’s Tavern Puyallup,  NAPA Centerline Machine Shop, At the Beach Rentals, Micki Rux, wife and financial backer.


Mike Clother, driving the 7-car, took first place in the A-Trophy Dash.  Congratulations Mike, another great night of racing.  Thank you to Mike’s sponsors, Bowtie Performance (Power) and Carburation Technology. A very special Thank You to car owner, (Wife) Jacque Clother.


Robert Rux, car-88, had a pretty good night of racing.  Taking third place in the Main Event and taking home the trophy in the B-Trophy Dash.  Way to go Rux!


The next race will be on August 10th at Evergreen Speedway in Monroe, WA.  360/805-6100
14405 179th Ave SE
Monroe, WA 98272


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