Paul Fields #21 went home with the Trophys at Yakima Speedway August 14th

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What an exciting night for the #21 team Saturday night.  Paul Fields took home both the Trophy Dash and Main Event trophy from Yakima Speedway. Paul and his son shared the joyous moment on the track displaying the trophy.

Congratulations Paul. Both trophies are well earned and deserved. Paul began his racing hobby in 1988 with the Jalopy Racing Assoc. He races in a 1938 Chevy Sedan with a 355 ci engine.

A special thank you to his Pit Crew Team, Jeff Cole, Hathen Forbes, Dave Stevens and Dominick Field.

Bobby Wheeler #22 came in 2nd and Jim Jones #03 came in 3rd.

Thank you to all the car teams that were able to make the travel to Yakima for a great night of racing. The vintage cars really look incredible on the track. All just beautiful cars and excellent teams.



You are all appreciated for your efforts to give the fans something worth watching. And a huge thank you to all the families that travel to all the tracks and support the teams in racing. To our fans and sponsors, with out all of you racing wouldn’t happen.

Our next race will be at South Sound Speedway on August 28th. We’ll see you all then.

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