Peer Awards – Rookie – Year End Banquet

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Every year there are five members honored by their peers. Each member has the opportunity to vote on the following categories and award the winning peers with recognition and awards: Best Appearing Car, Most Improved Driver, Sportsman, Hard Luck and Most Inspirational/Non Driver.  Along with voting for their peers, members can provide reasons why they voted for whom they voted for. Not everyone offers comments, but listed are the comments written along with the votes.

Best Appearing Car and Why:   #12 – Shane Conway
*  Car has a beautiful paint job and is always clean
*  Best looking because it’s new and very different
*  Cool design
*  Looks cool, no radiator
*  Really nice looking and well built, 10-years in the making. It was worth the wait
* Cause it’s cherry
* This car is a piece of art, Beautiful
* Car is beautiful and clean


Most Improved Driver and Why:   #28 – Adam Bragdon
*  He has learned a lot since last year
* Went from spinning every race to finishing

This year there was a tie for Sportsman of the Year.

Sportsmanship and Why:  #27 – Ken Kaltschmidt and #88 – Robert Rux
* 88 – Never cared when he got hit
* 88 – Never go upset when he crashed
* 88 – Works hard for the club. Stays positive, even with hard issues
* 27 – Good driving, no bumping
* 27 – Always letting us know what will improve our lap times
* 27 – Respect for all drivers


Hard Luck and Why: #23 – Chuck Peterson
*  Stuck throttle, blown engine, blown head gasket, damaged car after spin out
*  Seems to have wrecked or had major issues every time out
*  Never completed a race
*  Crashed or broke at every race
*  Different cars, 4 wrecks in hot laps to not be able to compete
*  Engines, stuck throttle, transmission, you name he broke it
* Had 3-cars out and wrecked 3-cars
*  Worked hard to make it to most of the races and seemed to brake every race
*  If something could go wrong it did.  Trailered the car before racing began

However, Chuck won the 50/50 drawing at the end of the banquet and someone called out, “Chuck your luck is already changing.”  What a hoot.

Most Inspirational Person (non-driver):   Micki Rux
*  She works very hard making sure all the drivers have what they need. Food included
*  She deserve recognition for all the hard work you do for the club
*  She works her ass of all year
*  She worked hard at every race for the club
*  Promotional sales of fundraisers stub and web site
*  Always helping, feeding us and working very hard to make sure everybody was taken care of
*  Thanks for all the hard work she has done for our class

Rookie of the Year went to Chris Cook, the #1-car.  Chris ended his year in 4th place with a total of 570-points.

Mike Clother opened the ceremonies by providing stats, of the driver’s success, throughout the 2017 racing season. Mike volunteers a lot of his time to the club and its members. Thank-you Mike, your time and energy is much appreciated.

There was an un-planned award towards the end of the evening. Robert and Micki Rux were honored by their peers with a lovely card, signed by all teams, and gift card to the Outback. It was a surprising honor. This couple was thanked for all of their hard work pulling this club together and creating a family environment between the teams. They would set-up their pop-up, and not just any pop-up, but one with netting enclosures and two entrances. Making it homey for when the teams came in for lunch. A relaxing place to have a meal and socialize with their peers. Lunch they provided. It was an overwhelming moment of recognition. So very appreciated.

Congratulations Shane Conway, Adam Bragdon, Robert Rux, Ken Kaltschmidt, Chuck Peterson, Micki Rux, Chris Cook and Mike Clother.

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