Racing is Fun, it is Passion and a Great Time for All

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Vintage Modifieds begin their racing season at South Sound Speedway on April 21st, 2012. The fans of Vintage Modified are the best. The sponsors are generous and appreciated. Families and friends to the driving teams are faithful and extremely supportive.

Here are some video clips to get you all encouraged and excited about the upcoming season and the first race in April. I hope you all enjoy!

South Sound Speedway from April 2009 Click on South Sound Speedway to view the clip.

April 9, 2011 Qualifying at South Sound Speedway.

April 9, 2011 Heat race at South Sound Speedway

April 9, 2011 Main Event at South Sound Speedway.

This next clip is from Wenatchee Valley Super Oval, taken in May 2011. Featuring the Kid’s Club Fun Bus, a tour through the pits and several shots of all car classes.

This last clip is a fabulous video from Spanaway Speedway, a track lost but not forgotten. This clip is being included as a reminder that racing is a sport that is well loved and it is a sport of passion. This clip is in Memory of Spanaway Speedway. GOLDEN ERA of Spanaway Speedway. 1974 – 50’s cars, open wheelers, ANCIENT stuff. Please enjoy.

If you are interested in being a sponsor of Vintage Modified please go to the CONTACT page, listed you will find three ways of making contact with Vintage Modified.

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