Robert Rux – 88 and Bobby Wheeler, JR. – 22 tied for 4th place

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It was quite a racing year for Robert Rux in the 88 car, going between 3rd and 4th place through-out the season.  Robert ended his season tying for 4th place with Bobby Wheeler, JR., both receiving 450 season-end-points.

Robert races a 1937 Ford Coupe with a 350 engine built by Centerline NAPA in Puyallup.  Robert has been racing with VMRA for 13-years.  Thank you to Les Yeager crew chief and the 88 team sponsors:

SYNAPSE FILMS, STICKERBOYZZZ Discount Lettering – , Recessed Cutting Boards, Puyallup (, Visual Options – Tacoma – 253/472-1440 (tinted windshields ask for Jon), Bumpy’s Tavern Puyallup – 253/841-2931 andNAPA Centerline Machine Shop, Puyallup and Micki Rux.


Bobby Wheeler, JR. has been racing with VMRA since 1994.  He felt it was the fastest car for the money and once Bobby drove his dad’s Vintage he was hooked.  Bobby has four championships with VMRA, he might have made it five but there were a few car problems that prevented holding that title.  Not to take anything away from the 2013 Season Champion, Paul Field in the 21 car whose win was well deserved and earned. Bobby races in a 1947 Ford with a 350 engine built by Kevin Rinkel.  Thank you to Bobby’s 2013 sponsors:

Streamline Auto Body, Wolf’s Mobile Mechanic, King’s Transmission and Fife Signs. 


The 2014 racing season begins in April.  Once the official schedule is released you will be able to keep track of the dates and the tracks through the Race Schedule and Events page.  Thank you to all the fans that so faithfully come out and cheer on the Vintage Modified race teams.  We look forward to seeing and hearing you in the stands for the 2014 season.  We will be racing at Ephrata Raceway, Yakima Speedway, Wenatchee Valley Super Oval, Evergreen Speedway and South Sound Speedway. Now is the time to start planning for the 2014 racing season.

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