Robert Rux car 88 took home the 35 lap Main Event trophy from South Sound Speedway on Saturday September 15th, 2012

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Congratulations to Robert Rux and the 88 team for this long awaited win.  Robert has experienced hard luck over the past four years and now he has won two races in a row, taking home the Main Event trophy.  Looks like his car and his driving is improving.

Robert timed in at 15.120, holding his breath for fastest time-in when Fulmer car 75 came out and took the fastest time-in with a 15.107.   Congratulations Bob Fulmer for the fastest time-in for the night.

It was one of the most intense races of the season. In fact, for the last race of the season it turned out to be a race that brought all the fans to their feet no matter which car or driver they were cheering for.  

The last lap of the race turned out to be so unnerving fans didn’t know if they should stand up and cheer or hold their breath for the outcome.  The red flag dropped after the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place cars passed the checkered flag.  Mike Clother car 7 came in 2nd and Kyten Jones car 03 came in 3rd.  Kyten lead the most laps of the Main Event.  Good for you young rookie!


  Thank you to all the sponsors that support the Vintage Modified teams, you are all greatly appreciated.  Thank you to the family, friends and fans who so faithfully show up to all the races.

Thank you to the volunteers of Vintage Modified for your continued hard work to support the members and teams.  2012 board members – Leonard Schmdit, board president; Charlie West, vice president; Meleah Smitham, secretary; Mike Clother, treasurer and Tom Smitham, Sgt. of Arms. John Mustered, Jr. for your beautiful work on the schedule/poster.  John Mustered, Sr., promoter.  If I forgot anyone who has volunteered, please send a nice email to the webmaster and it will get posted.

Now it is time to rest and relax.  Sit back and reflect on the 2012 season and get ready for 2013.

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