Robert Rux receives the Hard Luck trophy for Season 2008

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Robert Rux, car #88, was voted as the Hard Luck driver for Season 2008.  With so many mishaps through the season, Les Yeager, Crew Chief and part owner of car #88 and Robert were busy every weekend getting the car ready for the next race.


The 1st race there was a crash with three other cars which put Robert into the wall.  The 2nd race he snapped the right front spindle.  Car #88 was bent from the left front all the way to the right rear end, which bent two new shocks.  They had to replace the front clip.  Four wheels were bent and they lost 3-tires.  Yes, all these mishaps in just two races.

88rux_fixing5 Robert bent frame

Bob Fulmer, car #75, Les Yeager and Robert spent 45-hours rebuilding the car.Then came race #6, the valve broke off and hit the piston.

Les working on 88

Robert and Les spent a lot of time getting car #88 back in place and finally, at the end of the year they came in with top-4-time-in; ending the season in 6th place with a total of 1492 points.

We wish car #88, Robert Rux and Les Yeager a better season for 2009.

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