Saturday, July 30, 2011 at WVSO

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Racing at Wenatchee Valley Super Oval (WVSO) proved to be an intense night of racing. There were excitement in all three races, with the lead positions changing in a blink of an eye.

Jeff Peterson-28, was going for the checkered flag in the Trophy Dash, only to be passed by Mike Clother-7 on the last lap. Dave Trapp-51 was in the lead for the Heat race, some bad luck on his part put Mike Clother-7 in the lead and J. Peterson coming in 2nd. The Main Event was just as interesting as the first two races. It was a neck-to-neck race with Bobby Wheeler-22, Mike Clother-7 and Jeff Peterson-28. After car 7 and car 22 tangled, the tracked opened up for car 28 to escape the trouble and take the checker flag for the trophy of the Main Event.


Mike Clother-7 won the Trophy Dash, after J. Peterson-28 had the lead through most of the race. Mike also won the heat race, after Dave Trapp-51 lead most of the race and looked like he was going to take the checkered flag, only to end up tangled with Bobby Wheeler-22. And then Mike took 3rd in the Main Event, after chasing Bobby Wheeler for most of the race.

Bobby Wheeler-22 was in full throttle through out the whole evening of racing. Battling for for the checker flag and trophy during the Trophy Dash, Bobby came in 3rd place. As the evening continued car 22 was still out for the checkered flag during the Heat race, only to tangle with Dave Trapp-51 and came in 3rd. Bobby led 29 of the 30 lap main event, seeing the checkered flag and trophy in his grasp, just to loose his position to J. Peterson-28 after a bit of bumping with Clother-7.


Thank you to our sponsors of the Wentachee Valley Super Oval race, Westbay NAPA Auto Parts providing extra purse at the end of the evening and to Big Mountain Web Design as they continue supporting VMRA Website.

A great big thank you for the continued support of the family, friends and fans who so faithfully come out to watch the race and cheer on the teams.

Our next race will be Yakima Speedway on August 13th. For information about Yakima Speedway and visitor information see their website. Once you are in their website, navigate to the Visitor tab and you’ll find information about lodging, area information such as restaurants and driving directions.

For more detailed information about the racing events, navigate to the Newsletter tab and open the July 30th post.

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