Season 2014 Trophy Winners – 5th, 6th and 7th Place

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Chuck Peterson, owner of the 23-car, took home the 5th place trophy for the 2014 season. Jeff  Peterson drove the 23-car this year while Chuck took over as crew chief. Together they make a great racing team. Chuck is one of the founding members of Vintage Modified. Chuck has won the Sportsmanship award in the past, due to his gentleman ways in the pits and for always being there to offer any team a lending hand when cars break down and parts are needed. Congratulations to the father and son team.

Mike Clother in the 7-car took home the 6th place trophy in 2014, ending his racing season with a total of 556 points.  Mike has been involved with Vintage Modified for 19-years, and through out these 19-years Mike has been an active member of the board.  Thank you Mike for all your years of service to Vintage Modified’s club and the members.  Mike has 7-VMRA Championships under his belt and will be a top contender in 2015 too make it eight.

Mike Banquet 2014   Trophy 7 Mike

Tom Smitham drove the 32-car this year for car owner, Leonard Schmidt.  Tom ended the season with a total of 551 points coming in 7th place.   Even though he sometimes lacked engine power, Tom kept Leonard’s car competitive all year.   In fact, this was one of the best racing seasons the 32-team has had in a long time.  Tom made racing a challenge for every car on the track.  Tom is owner and operator of NuTread Tires in Tacoma and has been an active member of the VMRA board for the past several years.  Congratulations to the 32-team.

Tom Banquet 2014  Tom was out front for several laps of the Main Event.  It looked like he was going for another trophy when he had car troubles and had to pull off the track. All in all, it was an exciting night of racing for the 32-team.

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