Second time around for Johnny Lightening in the 26-car – 1st place in the B-Heat and 1st place in the Main Event

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And here you thought all this talk about the possibility of  thunder and lightening showers meant from the skies! No, it was the 26-team heading to Monroe for the race at the Evergreen Speedway.

Congratulations Johnny Lightening for once again, “Striking Twice”!  Taking 1st in the B-Heat and leading all laps for the Main Event. What a way to end the 2013 Season. It was an exciting time for John, he had his dad and step mom Jan, uncle, son and daughter-in-law in the stands cheering him on.  John ended the season in 3rd position, once tied with Robert Rux of the 88-team.  Year end points for John is 453.  The first picture with John is his son, dad and of course the lovely trophy girl. Making that 3-generations of John Mustereds!  Thank you to John’s 2013 Season Sponsor, Poulsbo RV of Auburn.


Jeff Peterson driving for the 23-team came in 2nd on the Main Event.  Jeff has returned to the 23-Peterson team this season off and on as time would allow. It was nice having Jeff back racing this year. Jeff switches back and forth with his dad, Chuck Peterson, when ever the opportunity arises.  At one time we had the privilege of watching 3-Peterson boys race together.  Starting with Chuck, Jeff and   Kelton Peterson (grandson to chuck and son to Jeff; just before Kelton went off to support our country in the Marines).  Jeff and Chuck end their 2013 season with 385-points and in 5th position.  All-in-all it was a good year for the 23-Peterson (father/son) team.  Pictured below, with Kelton receiving a trophy is his dad, Jeff, and his brother Chandler and sister Courtney. Thank you to the 23-team’s 2013 Season Sponsors, Westbay Auto Parts and 911 Driving School.


Bobby Wheeler took 3rd place in the Main Event.  Bobby drives the 22-car and was last years Season Champion.  Bobby lead 1st place for most of the 2013 season, then luck-of-the-draw he missed a race and it set him back.  However, Bobby won the A-Heat and came in 3rd in the Main Event.  Bobby ends his 2013 season tied for 4th place with Robert Rux of the 88-team, with a total of 450 points.  Thank you to Bobby’s 2013 Sponsors:  Streamline Auto Body, Wolf’s Mobile Mechanic, King’s Transmission and Fife Signs.


Now that the 2013 racing season is over it is time to look forward to the season end banquet.  The banquet will be held on October 12th.  Social hour begins at 6:00 pm with dinner following at 7:00 pm.  Door prizes, trophies and sponsor recognition will start at approximately 8:00 pm.

If you did not get your ballot to vote on the Most Improved Driver, Best Appearing Car, Sportsman of the Year, Most Inspirational Person (non-driver) and the Hard Luck Award contact a board member to make your vote. The last day to vote is September 17th.  Awards will be handed out at the 2013 Season End Banquet.

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