South Sound Speedway, June 6th. Memorial Lap for Cheryl Jones led by Jim and Kyten Jones.

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This post comes with a great sadness, in Loving Memory of Cheryl Denise Jones, the Memorial Lap was led by Jim Jones in the 26 car and Kyten Jones in the 30 car.  It is never easy to write a post about a Memorial Lap, but usually they were about men who passed away at an elder age and raced for many years. Not about a lovely young women who passed away at the young age of 44.

Cheryl was one of those racing wives who gave 100% to support her husband Jim and son Kyten in racing.  Cheryl was the front runner for the huge BBQs after an evening of racing and always included everyone to join in the big spread of food.  I, for one, will miss Cheryl who was an amazing women and friend.

Thank you to all the racing teams who participated in the Memorial lap. Too the families and friends who came out to support the Jones family during the Memorial Lap.

Kyten_Cheryl_5  Kyten_Cheryl_2

Memorial lap 4 Memorial Lap Memorial lap 2 Memorial lap 3

Bobby Wheeler, Jr in the 22 car took home another Main Event Trophy.

The next race will be at Evergreen Speedway in Monroe on June 20th.

The line-up will be: Vintage Modifieds, FSCRA Pro 4, SS F8, Hornets, and Stinger 8

Tickets are $10.00 for everyone 11 years and older.  Ten and under are free.

Weekend weather at Monroe click here.

Evergreen Speedway information click here.

Here is the information in regards to the Vintage Modified fundraiser for the Jones family.  These are quotes from Shari Ball and the pictures taken at Evergreen Speedway when Jim was presented with the check and Kyten led the Memorial Lap.

Jim fundraiser check Memorial lap 5

From Shari Ball,

“I am so happy to say that we were able to raise over $2600 for the Jones Family. And a HUGE Congrats to George Regier!!!! (winner of the Vintage Modified)

I would like to personally thank Steve and Rhonda Lundquist for asking “What can we all do” and getting this ball rolling!! Mike Clother, Bill Brewer and Micki Rux with the VMRA for ALL the participation on your side…. Thank-you is not nearly enough…

We are family! Racing in any form is indeed a family. When one of us hurts we all do. This is when we just step in and help our brother’s and sister’s. Mutual love and respect is what it is.

To the Jones’ Family….. our hearts are with you…..”

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