Steve Woods 1st / Kahl Cheth 2nd / Rick Villyard 3rd – Main Event at Hermiston Speedway

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Congratulations to Steve Woods #22 taking 1st place in the A-Heat and Main Event race, Kahl Cheth taking 2nd place in the Main Event, Rick Villyard taking 3rd place in the Main Event and Ed Beck taking 1st place in B-Heat Race at Hermiston Speedway on Saturday, April 29th.  And introducing a special guest, TURTLE who just happened to show up in the pits.

There were many challenges on Saturday evening.  But the Vintage teams showed such sportsmanship and fellowship, everyone pitched in helping each other.  It was incredible! Anytime someone had a break down, pit crews and drivers jumped in to assist in making repairs quickly. Offering up parts, hands on to make the fix quick. Thank you to each driver and your crews. #6 Devin Eierman 130-points; #23 Kahl Cheth 126-points; #2 Rick Villyard 121-points; #30 Kyten Jones 111-points; #15 Ed Beck 110-points; #82 Vince Conwell 106-points; #57 Shane Strimple 106-points; #65 Randy Adams 93-points; #7 Mike Clother 89-points; #77 Vern Huson 83-points; #51 Dave Trapp 80-points; #22 Steve Woods 77-points; #88 Robert Rux 60-points. You all made Saturday night racing one of the best nights of racing!


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