Tires Have Arrived

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The Hoosier recapped 10” slicks Tires have arrived.  The scheduled pick-up day was a success.  Great weather, no rain, we really lucked out with the warm and sunny day. A great turn-out.

Thank you Ken Jackson for mounting tires for the Vintage teams.   Thank you Puyallyp Pizza Time for sponsoring the food for the afternoon. The Pizza’s were a great addition to a busy and fun day.  Thank you Helen Rose for taking care of the posters and poster signing.  Thank you Leonard Schmidt for bringing the posters to the event.   Thank you John Mustered for measuring tires and lending a hand to Ken with tire mounting.  Thank you Mike Clother for providing a case of water.

Thank you too everyone who made the day a great success.  The pictures below are of the very busy Saturday afternoon of picking up tires, visiting, eating and just enjoying each others company.

Welcome too Adam Bragdon, our 2016 Rookie in the 28 car.

Just a reminder that Nu-Tread tires can only be ran at the first two races of the 2016 season; April 30th at South Sound Speedway and May 14th at Spokane County Raceway.  After that teams will only be allowed to run the Hoosier recapped 10″ slicks.

Total Tires 2

Lightning Dave

Total Tires 3  Total Tires  Lightning and Shane  Lightning measure tires       Helen  Devin John Shane  Pizza Time Robert Devin  Shane and dad 2  Dave  Robert Barb Dave  Barb and Robert  Aaron pic  Group pic 2  Group pic  Ken John  Ken Tire w_Robert  Mike Robert  Pizza Time 3  Pizza Time 4  Poster signing 3  Road pic 4  Road pic 5  Road Pic 6  Road pic 7  Road pic 10  Road pics 2  Road pics 3  Road pics    Robert Danielle  Shane and dad 2       Shannon Tires 2  Singing Posters 2     Street pic 2   street pic 5  Street pic 6  Street pic 8  Street pic 9    Ken Tires
Street pic 10  street Pic

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